Letting Go (NATA '13)

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"...but, never let them bring you down emotionally. You've got a full life ahead of you"
This is my NATA entry for the Novice Round. I wish I had more time to flesh out more the story, pasing and animation, but c'est la vie. I went a little more experimental with the effects on this piece, to see what I could get away with in Flash. Naturally, it crashed too many times to count.
Oh well, enjoy what I've made.
I suppose it's blatantly obvious that there is a lot of symbolism in this film...


Can you make moer visfz like these Iso I can ckeep drinkgin to them.
Thnak you very much adn I love you salll all because lov ilivfe is so shitrtyy

Thanks for the happy ending! I really liked the experimental effects you tried to implement such as the lightning flash turning the art into white outlines. I thought it was funny that the daughter went into punk mode when her father died. The fading thing you did to show father and daughter siting on the bench in the rain looked cool.

cheeky but naive

There is both despair and comfort in coming to accept death.
It is up to you whether or not you muster enough courage to face that doubt and establish bravery to change for the better.
Whether together or alone, It solely depends upon the strength of your will to continue or to join them.
But they wouldn't want that, would they?
Rather they would want you to keep on and trudge through the tundra, never giving way, or breaking under.
If you won't honor their passing, by living for them...

Then live for yourself...

OMG!! nice but i cant understand one thing... WHY EVERYBODY USES DAT SAME MUSIC!!!!!!

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May 31, 2013
1:29 AM EDT