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Did I make the deadline? I think I made the deadline.

Hey guys, look, ANOTHER NATA entry.

Okay, so originally the idea for this was that she was going to get hit by a car and then the dad would go to the hospital, etc etc. That just seemed waaaay too bland though, so I kept toying around with the idea (For about a month) until I got a different idea; that one is the one in the animation. I figured the girl has some form of chronic disease (maybe Lukemia?) and lost the battle against it. That and thanks to the deadline, I had to cut out some scenes here and there. FEEL FREE TO INTREPRET IT HOW EVER YOU LIKE.

Maybe I should make happy stuff again...

Special thanks to Mattashi for providing the great soundtrack!

*Edit* Holy poopy farts, thanks for the front page Newgrounds!

- Mister Chris

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You probably know this by now but - GRAMMAR NAZI ALERT - it's spelled leukemia. Or leukaemia. If you adhere to British English rather than American English. Otherwise, loved it. I can't detract from this. Respect.

much feels
awesome animation,music
and the story with words is excellent and well done very simple
very sad
very good

simple yet supremely touching. the Oscar is yours

this is amazing. the sound cuts out a bit too abruptly but other than that, good work

Good idea and all, but the abrupt transitions between the scenes and flashbacks and the music being cut off constantly like that really gets in your nerves a little. If the editing could've been better, this really could've been heartfelt/emotional.