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Defend Your Cabin

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River was contaminated,animals gone mad.Some zombie bears running towards to your cabin.
Go Away!Don't get close to my house! Pick up your weapons,stop the zombie bears close to your cabin!
Don't forget upgrade your weapons!

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you are the slowest man on earth bush's count as your house and you cant shoot something that right in front of you next don't make a game that makes you a fat ass and code it better.

walk to slow. same kind of garbage that floods the internet. way to be original hub.

I had fun for the first 20 mins, after then i was tired of the childish music and animation. The bears are always the same colors and shape and do not like zombies at all. The boars used to ruin my level completion.

Wtf with the bears carrying doors, it would be passable that it can be destroyed, but u can shot a full load of any weapon and the door is untouched. Mines are useless.

There would be better a greater number of bears on screen instead of making them more and more resilient to bullets, i had the vulcan fully upgraded and just could kill 3 bears max with all the charge.
For the upgrades, everything was usable except for the life upgrade, i never needed to use money on it that mostly cuz only boars go after the character.

In the end this need to polish a lot, include more animals, defenses a larger map.
i dont now if this is focused to kids, but a darker art, music and design will be good.

A lot like some other games I played except I get to shoot bears now

This is quite a simple defense game,although it lacks some things like an amount of lives or health for the house as it takes only one hit to lose the level and there could be more types of lenemies,besides bears(they can't be the only animal type living in a forest,can they?) like enemies that can move faster but have lower health and those which fly,low enough to get shot,that is.Crates should take fewer shots to be opened and it is also kind of funny how when the character is attacked,the shots pass through the enemy.Double tap the right arrow key on the level selection makes the character end up at the 'select player' but when the character moves back to the single player mode,it does not work(To fix this,use single player controls and move character to 2 player mode and move back and onto single player mode.)Anyway,this game is quite good to kill some time.

Credits & Info

2.44 / 5.00

May 30, 2013
10:47 AM EDT