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My entry for the second round of NATA 2013, the theme was that we had to revolve our entry around 1-4 pieces of music supplied. I decided to go with 'The Adventurer' and this is what i came up with!

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While he was running, the backgrounds moved too slowly.

Cute and adorable.

However it would be more pleasant to see more depth to your animation in order to pull the audience and viewers more. I found myself getting bored after twenty - thirty seconds. He's running. So what? There is nothing amazing happening here. No big trial to overcome or big power the hero claims.

He's just running.

In essence, I love the art but take time to deepen the storyline that viewers can relate to.
If we can't relate we leave the page.

This is quite cute. I will give a 4.5 keep up the good work. Please make more of these types of things. I enjoyed this greatly.

Let me break it down for you. With this animation you had a challenge that is tricky one as in animating to music instead of listening to music to match up with your animation. Over all the general feel for this animation was a lot of animation clips were rehashed and given a new background. To be precise; the running.

With the running you initially did the whole several time lapsed backgrounds which was fine, but then you rehashed and did the same cycle of run with a different set of backgrounds. You repeated this once more. You then followed up with random tid bits of different actions that made it feel like the running was your chorus and the random clips of him climbing/flying were verses.

Now the element of the song provided was Adventure. With Adventure you have to see that Adventure isn't about traveling, but taking on different events through out travels. You animated a guy traveling to who knows where.

It's quite clear that you focused too much on the traveling portion of an Adventure rather than action. Action on adventure isn't primary fighting, but uniqueness of interactions.

Now At the beginning you had a good proportioned guy and mediocre effect of wind, but noneless good effect to give a medium of his shirt blowing in the wind to demonstrate the wind. Then you led into him jumping and I was like "Cool he gave a 3d effect of the guy jumping." , but then you had him land into a sliding action down the slope and through out the entire animation had his proportions messed up and his head was like huge and his body was smaller and his thickness was to thick.

I feel you have to realize that when you start off with what is considered the original size of the character and how you end. Granted you kept that hugeness feel from the slope and onwards, you should watched out from how you proportion your character through out the animation.

Overall this was good starting point for animation. It shows you understand connecting movement, but rely too much on looping movements. You have to create uniqueness that will astound the community and show that "Hey, I'm different and watch my stuff!" Work more on idea and sort of create a story, because you can't rely on just the music to tell a story. Music is 33% of story Animation is 33% of the story and Background art is 34% the story. With this you put too much reliance on the music to depict Adventure which sapped away from the animation.

From this round take from it that you need to focus on indepth story and character design that way it doesn't seem too bulky. Also don't rely heavily on looped animations. I gave a you a 4.5 because I liked that you tried and hope to see more of your work in the future. Just practice and if you ever need a good over see'er of your work pm here on Newgrounds or hit me up on skype( Joekuli) I see potential and great build of the foundation to animation for you.

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3.38 / 5.00

May 29, 2013
9:38 PM EDT