Green Sky

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Arron and his father survived a nuclear attack and now must survive the aftermath. Food is scarce, oceans and lakes are contaminated, and everyone must cover all areas of their bodies to prevent radiation from hitting them. With a crumbled world, can people still hold on to their morals?

This is my second round entry for NATA 2013. I went for something near my comfort zone this time. I like writing dark stories with a touch of hope.

Fun Fact: Yes, this is an indirect sequel to my first round animation :)

Thanks for watching, peace.


The voicework was dreadful and the animation was slightly below sub-par I guess (except the fact that the legs are absolutely huge). the "story" was rather bad as well. Nuclear warfare and then awkward conversation with father that causes no emotion what so ever but actually makes you laugh at how bad it is. The only good thing I can say is it has some potential.

Mrcoleman responds:

Sorry the story didn't appeal to you. Hopefully you won't feel the same on my next animation. Thanks for watching.

Your voice acting needs a little work. The son's voice was fine but the father's sounded forced and took me out of it a little. The rest was quite good. I would say work a little on your art, but i think it was good enough.

I would be interested in seeing this continued in future episodes. Wasteland videos, such as this one are a bit overdone so you would have to rely on good characters and strong story arcs, which could be difficult. But if you could do that it has the potential to become a really cool series.

Mrcoleman responds:

Haha I've noticed the father's voice was a little off. I'll try not to let that happen again when I'm recording for deep voices. Thanks for your review.

Pretty damn good. The music and voice acting was professional. I like the style you animate in. This is the best submission i think ive seen this week.

Mrcoleman responds:

Thanks, that meant a lot to me.

It was pretty nice, the animation wasn't too bad, the voice acting was awkward initially but I got used to it. Couldn't help feel as though you were trying to impart some kind of message, but it came across a bit hamfisted to me. Overall I like your efforts here,

Mrcoleman responds:

Voice acting is still an obstacle for me lol. Hopefully I'll get better. If the story felt rushed for you, I can understand. I had 25 days to do this.

It has potential.

Mrcoleman responds:

Thanks. Better than none :D.

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3.69 / 5.00

May 29, 2013
9:37 PM EDT