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Green Sky

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Arron and his father survived a nuclear attack and now must survive the aftermath. Food is scarce, oceans and lakes are contaminated, and everyone must cover all areas of their bodies to prevent radiation from hitting them. With a crumbled world, can people still hold on to their morals?

This is my second round entry for NATA 2013. I went for something near my comfort zone this time. I like writing dark stories with a touch of hope.

Fun Fact: Yes, this is an indirect sequel to my first round animation :)

Thanks for watching, peace.


Overall, I thought everything was okay. Voice acting was okay, but could be improved upon, emotion didn't shine through so well, animation wasn't terrible, but it wasn't superb either, and this kind of post-apocalyptic stuff is getting old and cliche. I still enjoyed it, though.

But I have confidence that you can do better, and I hope to see other entries from you. Just keep working at it and improving.

Nice job, man.

Yup, i've seen better animations, but that was pretty damn good !!

You seem to be fairly interesting in pursuing animation, which is very admirable, so don't let people's low scores and, sometimes, harsh words discourage you. Of course, you wont produce top quality animation from the get-go but just making and submitting an animation is a tremendous accomplishment. If you are serious about animation this is what I would suggest working on:

Voice Acting: It sounded like you were just reading a book aloud. Voice Acting is like Acting in that you have to put yourself in the situation of the character. If someone was going to break down my door to steal my food and kill me, possible my son, I doubt I would be so calm... and monotone. c:

Writing: "Cliche" was a good word to use but just because something is cliche doesn't mean it can't be interesting or profound. I found that I felt no emotional investment or attachment to these characters, mainly because I knew next to nothing about them, their situation, or their environment. All I knew was that they were survivors of a nuclear apocalypse that scavenged for food, occasionally killing someone when necessary. That story is cliche but who they are, or could be, and the implications of who they are has on their environment, can be all kinds of interesting.

Illustration: Who couldn't do with improving their artistic ability, from Egoraptor to Spazkid to Oney. It all comes with practice. Spazkid and Oney have some animation tutorials with some damn useful tips, I personally recommend the ones on Shading and Lip Syncing, if you're interested.

Keep it up. You are a lot farther than most that want to get into animation just by having something on Newgrounds. Good luck.

Everyone seems to be pointing out the abysmal voice acting, but the dialogue itself was blunt and poorly done. The animation was pretty bad, and the story was very cliche. The moral was really beat into your head and didn't allow for any audience analysis.

Mrcoleman responds:

I guess it was my fault for trying to make a big story within a short amount of time. I'll consider story length and the time I have to complete it more carefully.

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3.69 / 5.00

May 29, 2013
9:37 PM EDT