Cubus Velox

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Guide the Cubus through 30 levels filled with seemingly impassable passages and defy gravity while you're gliding through vast fields of spikes and traps. Featuring a retrotastic soundtrack by Eiswuxe! Also available on Android and iOS.


I don't like it. Usually I hate primitive graphics in the games and so it's also the case.

Another one of those press a button, change gravity games.

This was a good game, well designed with solid visuals. However, there were some issues with the difficulty curve. I think it would have been better to skip the sections where jumping and grav-switiching were separated, or at least make them shorter. The first 10 levels were so boring I nearly quit, but the jumping levels were much more interesting. This game did seem to have some artificial difficulty, but i did appreciate the tricks designed to make the player mess up as they added some sorely needed twists. My main problem with it is that it was so linear and unrewarding. It would have been nice to have optional extra points, like bonuses to collect or even a death counter, maybe with a par for deaths on each level. Even if it didn't effect the gameplay, it would have added another layer of challenge and made the game more engaging, which it needed.

Even so, I enjoyed playing it. In the mixed levels, the transitions between grav and jump modes were intuitive albeit confusing, which is exactly what they need to be. The game definitely does feel unfinished, though. If I had a mobile device, I'd be looking forward to the additional levels!

Almost flawless! I love it!

i beat it nice music

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3.72 / 5.00

May 28, 2013
2:58 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop