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Luigi wonders if there is a Wapeach.

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I know Wario & Waluigi's names are a play on words and don't work for the Princesses. Also, I could've called them Weach and Waisy, but I decided Wapeach made the most sense.

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I like it! This is the content i live for... well.. kinda.

I'm dead. Great

But isn't Daisy technically Wapeach in a way?
Remember how Mario Tennis introduced Waluigi?
Yep, they also wanted a Wapeach in that game.
But then they realized they could just use Daisy.
We still need a Wapeach and a Wadaisy anyway!
Just think about how totally awesome that'd be!

Samination responds:

You're thinking too hard!!

LOL! Let's see now, there's Wario, Waluigi, Boshi (from Super Mario RPG), Manky Kong (From Donkey Kong Country 1), both Wapeach & Wadaisy (from this animation), Shadow Mario (whenever he's a separate character from Bowser Jr.), and Metal Mario (from Super Smash Bros. 1). Dang, there are a lot of "evil" versions of Mario characters, especially of Mario himself! BTW, nice reference to The Exorcist. That was a hoot!

We already know there's a WaYoshi, it's Birdo (the transdinosaur), but...
Is there a WaToad ? a WaToadette ?
What about a WaBowser (who would be nice, in fact) ? And Bowserette ? WaBowserette ?
Let's call Shigeru ! More of the same characters, more of the same games !!!