Old soviet man.

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An old man looks at an old building which belonged to the communist party.
is he sad? Is he dissapointed? There many interpretations


i would say he is melancholic, but is he? or is it just the music and the atmosphere? i don't know, but if i have to guess, it was disappointment, deep down communism is quite a beautiful thing, but we have yet to see it done properly, even now the theories are being reworked, so i would say he is disappointed that that thing is brandishing the name of all that is supposed to be forming communism.

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In my opinion, The Soviet Union could have been the greatest country on the planet, if it weren't for the great betrayal that occured with Lenin's Testament. But even with Stalin's betrayal of the revolution, just look at what it was able to accomplish in it's time. The Soviet space program on it's own pioneered many aspects of space exploration, and is a testament to the hunt for knowledge.

1957: First intercontinental ballistic missile, the R-7 Semyorka
1957: First satellite, Sputnik 1
1957: First animal to enter Earth orbit, the dog Laika on Sputnik 2
1959: First firing of a rocket in Earth orbit, first man-made object to escape Earth's orbit, Luna 1
1959: First data communications, or telemetry, to and from outer space, Luna 1.
1959: First man-made object to pass near the Moon, first artificial satellite in Solar orbit, Luna 1
1959: First probe to impact the Moon, Luna 2
1959: First images of the moon's far side, Luna 3
1960: First animals to safely return from Earth orbit, the dogs Belka and Strelka on Sputnik 5.
1960: First probe launched to Mars, Marsnik 1 (failed to reach target)
1961: First probe launched to Venus, Venera 1
1961: First person in space (International definition) and in Earth orbit, Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1, Vostok programme
1961: First person to spend over a day in space Gherman Titov, Vostok 2 (also first person to sleep in space).
1962: First dual crewed spaceflight, Vostok 3 and Vostok 4
1963: First woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, Vostok 6
1964: First multi-person crew (3), Voskhod 1
1965: First EVA, by Aleksei Leonov, Voskhod 2
1965: First probe to hit another planet (Venus), Venera 3
1966: First probe to make a soft landing on and transmit from the surface of the moon, Luna 9
1966: First probe in lunar orbit, Luna 10
1967: First automated, crewless rendezvous and docking, Cosmos 186/Cosmos 188. (Until 2006, this had remained the only major space achievement that the US had not duplicated.)
1969: First docking between two crewed crafts in Earth orbit and exchange of crews, Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5

Thus, I think this video is about an old man... wondering sorrowfully about what could have been if the Soviet Union had gone according to plan.

Thaiel responds:

it's totally valid. (That's the idea, you can think that or the opposite that he thinks that communism betrayed him and he feels hatred)
Personally, i think the Soviet Union was doomed to end, because of the many contradictions it had. Like it was actually not communism but state-capitalism (different salaries, SALARIES alone, having the other countries of the Sov. Union producing prime products and basic industry while only improving russian industry, financing un efficient industries and not investing more on acheiving more production in less time, the "Nomenklatura" and the fact that trying to end in a stateless society by ruling the state is like trying to revive somone by stabbing him in the chest.
Yet, your opinion and interpretation is absolutly valid. Thanks for the comment!

Wow, I can see a lot of effort has been put into this. It's a very touching story, and the music goes well with it.

I'm fine. I have something in my eye, that's all.

Thaiel responds:

Lol thanks.

Pretty decent, could probably do with more frames

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