A Fistful of Lockpoints

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After TONS of hard work, this project is finally finished. I couldn't have done it without the help of Chad, Jordan, Shamus and Jack. Thanks so much guys!

This is my tribute to spaghetti western movies. If you are a fan of the genre I hope you can appreciate it. If you aren't I hope you can still enjoy it. I apologize that the movie is drawn out, but that was my way of replicating the style of the genre. I have to say I am more proud of this than many of my other works. Please watch and vote fairly.

Please check out NYM @ http://music.ratsofnym.co m/ He was a huge inspiration as well for my work.

Thanks so much

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I understood nothing. Nobody cares though, i'll still give a 5 for your brilliantness.

LAVAGASM responds:


Wait, locks suck. Clocks forever. Why did u made that???

LAVAGASM responds:


First of all what is the song at the end? Could you please tell the name or if convenient post the link of it?
Second nice work with the video. Showed you put in effort but at some parts the animation seemed too rudimentary, especially the start. Would have been better if there was better voice acting. Because voice acting can really make the video from 3 star to a 5 star.

LAVAGASM responds:

It's by Nym. It's called Bandida. Nym has a whole album of western-esque hip hop beats. It's really impressive.

Thanks for your review.

weird how i just watch django last night, but besides that it was kinda good ...not really the true style of locks animation thou.

LAVAGASM responds:

Which Django did you watch? Thanks for the review. When I make movies I try to do my own thing.

I like what you're going for, but I have a few crits:

- The timing is slow, sometimes painfully slow. There are so many long, drawn out shots where not much happens that it quickly becomes boring, especially for such a simple gag at the end. The timing could do with a lot of punching up, especially in the first half. The sooner you get to the point of the story, the more entertaining it will be for the audience. This whole story can be told in less than a minute quite easily.

- The voices are ok, but they lack a lot of energy. Coupled with the very slow pace, it makes the voices feel worse than they actually are.

- It would have been nice to see some more variation in the expressions. Most of the characters tend to have the same face throughout.

Nice work though, cheers for sharing!

LAVAGASM responds:

Thank you so much for your well-written review! You have very valid criticisms and honestly some of those could have been addressed with a little more time and effort. The only thing though I would like to address is the pacing.

My initial plan was to drag out the flash as long as possible, and actually I cut it down tremendously because what I had on my storyboard was a 10 minute flash with 2 minutes of substance. Westerns in general are very dragged out, and I realize this doesn't translate well to an animation, but to me that wasn't a concern. I wanted it to feel more like the source material, I don't care so much about what other people would want as much as I care about my vision in what i'm trying to make. I could have cut it down, a lot. I didn't, because if I did it wouldn't have been the vision I intended. In fact i am upset with myself for picking up the pace as much as I did towards the end of the movie, because it really makes the beginning look a lot slower in comparison.

Again thank you for your well thought out review. I really do appreciate your input and criticisms.

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May 26, 2013
7:43 PM EDT
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