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This, apparently, is a resubmission of a game I submitted a few years ago. It was removed for an unusual amount of hate. I think I know why.

Let me know what you think about it.
Also, you can skip the cave level by right clicking.

Strange... a default Newgrounds icon? I didn't put that there...


GAME OVER U IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SunOh responds:


Haha nice game, tobad that there ore no sound effects :(

SunOh responds:

I know. It's old.

he nice, but you could write the controls in the descripton. not everybody on newground is a hater. A few nice guys are around here. :D

SunOh responds:

I forgot the manuals. Sorry.

My poor rating of your game is based on many factors (I reached, but could not complete, level 3) and hope that my feedback is appreciated:
The Criticism:
1. The language: Do not rate your game everyone, especially if you 'swear' in the game description. While a 13+ year old recognizes that language as appropriate, it puts a bad image on the site, and the game's creator(s) especially. You give an even worse image by also calling losers idiots; while I understand the humor behind a mean narrator, and it can be quite funny, your game does not develop the narrator enough, and considering that few people will even get past level 1 with the lack of instructions, its just plain mean and not as humorous as it could be.
2. The lack of instructions: while it is not necessary to give an obviously controlled game instructions, it is still preferred. Unfortunately, as I have never played a game where 'A' is the jump key, many people will most likely become frustrated and just abandon the game entirely before getting to explore it. Along with the fact that my enemies can hurt me yet a cannot kill them, and the lack of a game menu in general, the user feels completely confused and neglected.
The Props:
3. Although the summary is not entirely to my taste, I am happy that you acknowledge the low quality of your game, I had to give you an actually poor rating because of this as to acknowledge the better-made games on this site, but I felt that you still deserved some kudos.
4. Good concept, underdeveloped, but decent regardless
5. I appreciate the attention to detail animation wise; while somewhat poor graphics led me off at first, I appreciated the blinking Mario, mobile enemies, and spinning coins. While the enemies need better graphics the backgrounds look somewhat nice.
While your game is poor quality, it exhibits a hidden level of skill that has high potential but lack of effort. I understand that we all need to post a few 'crabby' programs to train our skills, I have to rate you poorly as to allow the truly proud creators to show off their creations. Be more proud of what you created, since very few people can create games (I still want to but lack the graphic-incorporating knowledge and the resources). While this is novice work, you have to be a novice before you can be an expert!

SunOh responds:

1. I'm not like that anymore.
2. Forgot. I apologize.
3. Uh... thanks.
4. Reasonable.
5. Reasonable.
Summary: Making on better games :)

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1.57 / 5.00

May 26, 2013
1:09 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other