The Self-Destructive

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A new game comics by us!

It is VERY challenging and even if you were one of the few that breezed through our previous game comics, you will stumble on this one. If you haven't played them, you are well advised to do so at http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/613089

This one has more traditional game elements of point & click adventures but the basic premise is the same as before: Make a comic that fits with the title (i.e. The Self-Destructive). You can swap panels' position and change panel content by clicking on certain objects.

Note that we have a walkthrough this time (we will also make walkthroughs for the earlier games).

I am not sure that this is the way forward for our game comics but it is quite a puzzle game. Perhaps even a bit too clever for own good.


I liked the idea, but maybe I'm just a moron... I had NO idea what I was doing! Haha

AthleticDesign responds:

Then I really recommend that you play it from start
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/613089

excellent game! granted, I did have to use the walkthrough until I got the final tile set, but the resulting story was much deeper, and more interesting, I think you should do something like this again, but also have some combination of not being so stingy with the hints a reminder that (a change to panels tends to only effect panels AFTER it when I got my first black screen would have been helpful), and not hiding hit boxes in places I would not think to look (it's hard to find the switch in the dark, and although I hovered over the switch hit box with the ghost, I assumed it was part of the girl's hit box, since she was still 'in the way') I'd also suggest making the note dis-and re-appear with each flip, so that it is a bit more obvious, as opposed to possibly having always been their, but like I said, this level of puzzling, and story telling is a definite improvement over the earlier ones, needs some fine tuning, but other then that great job.

AthleticDesign responds:

Thanks! Some sound feedback that we will consider. Some of the problems you mention will be solved by making an in-between comic (between The Egocentric and The Self-Destructive) that will introduce game mechanics with a more lending hand. The helpful publish comments will probably make somewhat of a return in subsequent chapters. (It did suit the style of this chapter to leave the player all alone in despair...)

Great game. I love the art and the whole concept of an interactive comic book. I really hope you continue this series.

AthleticDesign responds:

Thanks, we will! Right now the work is not exactly paying off, but we hope it will in the future.

I was so amazed at how different versions of a story can be told by just using 4 panels only. But this amazement quickly became frustration even after referring to the walkthrough several times as I tried to uncover the truth (Or secrets? I don't know. You decide.) between panels. Personally, I feel that it's pretty much impossible to complete the game without using the walkthrough and that it's still very difficult to complete it even with the walkthrough itself. So maybe you could do something about the difficulty level. You know, make the learning curve less steep or something. Having said that, I rather like this game.

AthleticDesign responds:

We expect it to be almost impossible if you haven't played the earlier games and even if you have played them, it still should be extremely hard. We will most likely make a game comic that will serve as a bridge between The Egocentric and The Self-Destructive. It should introduce some of the game mechanics in a more assisted way.

I love this game, just as much as I loved the first part of it and I was excited to see this one was finely published.

I liked how much more challenging this one was to the last, and how many different ideas there were, that there was a lot to look into and a bigger picture. I can't wait for the next one, any talks about a possible release date? (doesn't have to be exact, just wondering if you have a loose idea of when it might be ready)

AthleticDesign responds:

Thanks! It's hard to say when it will be ready. Hopefully we will get up to speed again during the summer as my brother has been busy during the terms.

Next we are pondering making a clever gimmick game for marketing purpose. Think game comic version of classic arcade games ... The next chapter in Strip 'em all will perhaps be an in-between chapter (bridging the leap between The Egocentric and The Self-Destructive) and should reuse much of the content from The Egocentric and should therefore be really quickly done.

In other words, it may be a while before the comic that is meant to succeed The self-Destrucive is ready.

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May 24, 2013
2:25 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click