Rokilot: The New World

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Full Upgrade 25 Points

Buy all upgrades in any mode

Infantrymen 25 Points

Complete the game in Easy difficulty level

Super Infantrymen 25 Points

Kill 400 monsters in Easy Survival

Commando 50 Points

Complete the game on Normal difficulty level

Super Commando 50 Points

Kill 400 monsters in Medium Survival

SEAL 100 Points

Complete the game on Hard difficulty level

Super SEAL 100 Points

Kill 400 monsters in Hard Survival

Author Comments

An amazing shooter game. Control a heavy armed warrior on a difficult arena and eliminate everyone on your way. A lot of levels with plenty of ugly monsters to slay. Ready? Take your gun!


I don't believe, the game is really beatable in other than easy mode. If you think you can do: Provide a video - no screenshots. Like many others said: Upgrades will stuck & you'll have a really hard time - even in easy mode at levels >15. Sometimes you don't even have a chance to avoid the bullets or enemies. For example: Shooting a tower and surrounded by big-blobs and those pokemok-like things, popping out of the earth. Then you can just watch you die. Best strategy: Hide in a spot where enemies barely can hit you and take out every enemy, coming for you. And please explain, why you added a sniper-like gun. It's really nice, but you really could need it for the boss. Also the munition is really sparse. At levels >15, you really need to have more bullets for the better weapons. I upgraded them all to max, but even if you aim good, you'll be in big trouble. I really hope, this nice game gets updates. Much potential and a really well done timekiller.

Well, there's good and bad here. The graphics are great; I like how all the enemy types are distinct, very easy to tell apart. The programming is pretty solid...except that on level 20 I somehow lost half my weapons and got stuck trying to survive with the short-range gun. That didn't last long, of course. The fact that the enemies randomly appear makes it "frantic" in a nice way. However, it's really annoying that it's another one of those games where you have to upgrade your "money" before anything else and you have to buy ammo after every battle. Another thing that was frustrating was that the coins will disappear after a few seconds; you can circle around a bunch of monsters to kill them, but is it worth it to spend one of your precious 3 health points to grab their coins? Also, please get someone who is a native English speaker to edit your text.

The hardest enemies were the eyeballs. Very annoying.

Game pretty good

Hrm. I thought the music choice was terrible.

Hahaha awesome.

Quake 3 weapon icons and "quakeish" weapon projectiles. There are some sweet memories.*.*
Thank you guys!

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

May 24, 2013
11:47 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional