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Gears of Adventure

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It's been almost 2 years since I created this but here's a quick Gears of War and Adventure Time mashup.

And if you're looking for reasoning it's mostly because I love John DiMaggio's work.

I'm a bit miffed because I can't find my original .FLA file but luckily I had this uploaded to my youtube page and I still wanted to contribute to the Newgrounds community even if it's one of my older works! Unfortunately the quality suffers but if I can find my file I'll definitely reupload.

Adventure Time and Gears of War are property of there respective owners and this is the work of a fan!

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you have my heart <3 lol

Fucking Awesome!

though not gears fan i like your cross over hahaha would love to see actual episode in this format ^_^

That was a clever tribute to both Gears of War and Adventure time! It matched up pretty well with the style of adventure time.

seriously, despite my dislike for some video-gaming parodies, this one was good. and i LIKED IT.
very nice design, it reminded me of the ''adventure time'', and it was p. epic, and it also had some very funny moments in it.

i like how you nailed the intro perfectly; very good job.

keep it up, and make it into a series. it will work.