Treasure Hunter

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The character physics have been altered so that now the Treasure Hunter responds quicker on key presses.

Arrow Keys: Movement (Left/Right) & Jumping (Up)

Hop your way through 24 levels accompanied by an original soundtrack in Treasure Hunter. Grab the coins, get the key, and GTFO of there!

Here's a link to the soundtrack:
vegetarianmeat.bandcamp.c om


nothing new or interesting in this game and like every body say This guy is so slippery.

TrilithGames responds:

Check out the updated version for changes in the reaction time. The character should be more responsive to key presses now.

This guy is so slippery. There is nothing new in this game, but its still okay to people who like speedrun games. (Not me Im afraid).

I love me a good platform game and this one was pretty darn good. It had that sort of difficulty that frustrates you but its the kind of frustrating that doesn't make you so mad that you start cursing at your computer screen, it's that NES kind of difficulty that makes you keep playing to beat it kind of like Mega Man it's hard to explain. All in all I thought it was very well made and captured that classic platform feel.

TrilithGames responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game :)

Oh look another game where you walk from A to B in just one screen. Very well. The Physics are well incorporated, though they are quite anoying. The 'bombs' remind me of these spiky things from Kirby the music is quite OK but compared to similar games this one is just average.

There are some pretty intensely annoying sections of this game where you have to wait like...20 seconds for the map to line up how it's supposed to be for you to complete the level. On a difficult level such as level 24, this is incredibly repetetive. Solid soundtrack, though.

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2.96 / 5.00

May 23, 2013
1:24 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other