Tales of Space Heroes

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Author Comments

Pick from four pilots and nine war ships, Fight in five playable modes in the battle against the aliens.


Though the graphics were unimpressive, I enjoyed the gameplay.

I liked that there were a lot of modes to choose from, as well as a varied collection of ships with different firing patterns and pilots with different special abilities. I did not like so much that two of the ships were restricted as "premium content".

My ultimate assessment is that it's a perfectly acceptable space shooter.

I think that if you tweaked everything and made it a bit more touched up it would be fine.

Really good game, but it could use more levels.

Okay, you barely get a pass only because the game is playable.

Good points first: Game runs smoothly. The upgrades are nifty.

Bad points:

-Premium content? That's just a joke. The link doesn't even work. This is the biggest hit to your rating, since premium content on this game is completely pointless and not worthwhile.

-My game doesn't even save each time I refresh.

-There is a lack of info on what any of the ships do or what their special ability is.

-Increasing bullet speed is stupid. The more bullets I can keep on screen at a time, the safer I am. Plus, enemies move so stupidly fast in the 1000s of levels, that having them run into your stuff is the way to kill them.

-Art looks quite atrocious.

-There is no challenge once rate of fire and number of projectiles is upgraded. There is no reason to use any ship other than the tiny blue one or the red one on the far left, since they shoot where the enemies spawn from.

-Game modes make little sense and have little to differentiate each other. Once rate of fire and number of projectiles is maxed, you can play all of them similarly. Minus avoid. That one is just plain stupid.

-The stats make little sense. They also take far too long to tally up, with no way to skip them.

-There is a useless bar in the middle of the game. What does that giant slow filling bar even mean? It lights up and does nothing after it's filled.

-Music loop is annoying.

There's probably more, but writing this review is taking nearly as much time as I spent playing your game.

If not for the premium content, I would be a bit more encouraging about your efforts. However, since that link is there (even if broken), I can only dismiss this as a poor attempt at a cash in.

SunriseKingdom responds:

Sorry that you feel this way, but thank for letting me know about the link.

its well ok

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Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

May 22, 2013
11:04 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed