Patrolling Part II

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Negros in Space-- Patrolling( N.I.G.S)- Negro intergalatus
A team of badass space enforcers, encounter an unexpected resistance.-Part II
continuing where part one left of the team are about to embark on their adventure.
A blend of both Cosmic Clash and the first episode of Patrolling. So we are at it again with this adventure. This is more of a homage to Teknoman/Tekkaman, Guyver.

As an artist you have to be different in order to stand out, you have to challenge yourself and try things. Sometimes thing may not work. The world you create is through your eyes and sometimes you want to share that vision with others. Don't be afraid to do just that. Dare yourself to be different and tread on and while you are moving improve yourself, get better but never forget where you were.

This project would never had been possible without my brother who wrote and narrated the story, Thanks Bro.

Narration/Story - Jermain Fraser
Animation/Characters- Nedrick McLaren
Umbrella Corp- One Blaze Studio Inc.
Alternate View Pleasure--

Just so you know I love your faces... no homo
Thank you all dudes for making this hit top 5 of the day.
I would not have made it here without all of you. Been a while
with that said I will make sure part three hits all the points most of the reviewers stated. Thanks again my Ninjas.

:::This was more my answer to breaking the habit which was a music video by Linkin Park which was highly sketchy and done by Studio 4 degrees.

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The animation can be more fluid and the voice acting is unitelligable.

Neochilds responds:

I think you meant to say unintelligible. I do agree that the animation could be more fluid by adding more frames but that was not the point of the animation. I am still stuck on the part where some are having difficulty with the voice acting.
I think what a lot of individuals are having an issue with is that this is a rap/hip hop style animation. It would be great for individuals to come right out and state that, instead of jumping around and stating things that make no sense. Which is actually quite clear in its pronunciation of words. Much different from today rap/hip culture. Unfortunately if you are not into that genre you may find it in a rather unintelligible. Compared to the rap videos of this generation this is not degrading or derogatory in any manner. But everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is why I place this video to see or gauge audience response, which is critical when making a product to be viewed by many. Thank you again for watching and taking the time to write your review which does provide great feedback hopefully to make the next animation better. Thanks Dude!

not to bad of an animation couldn't quite understand what they where sayin

Neochilds responds:

That seems to be the constant complaint and I have tried this on several speaker and phones and it sounds clear to alot of individuals.. is it because the narrator is rapping. His english was quite clear to me, but I will take that into consideration as this is a constant variable. Hmmm. Either way dude thank you kindly for watching and taking the time to write a review.

1. Decent animation but it could have been better because i noticed how vertain parts seemed to skip frames.

2. I am sure you already had multiple comments about this already but get a better mic or however you did this because it was too quiet and hardly understandable.

3. Another thing is the singing, try putting some emotion into it or something since it sounded mostly monotone and just sounded like you were talking.

4.The last thing to comment on another part of the animation or drawing...the explosions looked bad and didnt fit too well with the rest, lip syncing was a bit off and they hardly moved their lips even when they talked, some parts had a sketchy look which may have been what you had gone for but all of a sudden going from normal to sketchy does not work to well.

If it was not for these flaws I am sure i would have gave it at least 4 stars but for now I think I gave a fair amount. Good luck in your next work!

Neochilds responds:

Ok your critic I will answer a bit more specifically not like anyone will read my response but. Like an indy game, this is an indy animation, not getting funded, was not payed but it was more of a fun have it kind of work. There are definitely section where improvements can be made like the explosion etc. But sometimes you have to break the mold and be the one person who deems to be different. I have watch many cartoon that follow the same formula and well are just another pea in the pot. I just love experimenting and trying different things and see if it works or not and heck that is why I love reviews. It gages what I want to express or show or try or do etc.
Dude thank you for taking the time to watch and also review. My hat tips to you and all the others that actually spent the time to write a proper review like yourself instead of writing a one line pointless well it sucks comments. Thanks.

Spacey hiphop action, a new form of attraction, though nothing really happens, it's... still entertaining. The recording quality isn't too bad, but some more clarity in the voice would make it easier to snap up everything that's being said, somehow, it feels like the emotion in the voice doesn't live up to the intensity of the animation, but it's a good idea. Keep it going!


Neochilds responds:

Thank you also dude for taking the time to watch and also reviewing.

so a couple of things about this.

the piece is finished, it goes with the music and there is some really good artwork here. there were 3D elements and space dudes.

its very inconsistent. you have really good artwork on the space guys and the suits, but bust out with lame plain-brush effects like the lightning. you could tell that in some parts, a lot of time was spent, however in others you could see that it was rushed, maybe even just added it just because.
the audio needs work. the quality wasnt bad, but it was hard to understand the lyrics. maybe too many effects on the voice.

Overall, this was a decent movie however there is still much more room for improvement.

Neochilds responds:

Dude thanks for watching and taking the time to review.

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2.68 / 5.00

May 22, 2013
7:24 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place May 24, 2013