Pico VS the Blue Machine

May 20, 2013 –
June 8, 2015
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EDIT:Just found that the game was too hard.So I have increased the hp from 42 to 65. :|

RATED E-bloodless violence

HAPPY PICO DAY 2013!(I know I am almost a month late)
Made by Metalbooster
additional art-plaugemover
additional code/programming-DancingE ngie
This Way by southwest static
The Battle of the Lil' Slugger by Danny Baranowsky
Counter Strike,Destruction 2,etc.

Up/Down-rotate Submachinegun
Space-Drop down/change platform height
Control-Fire SMG

I made this stuff for Pico Day and it is my first shooter platformer including jump :P
E'joy da game!
http://www.newgrounds.com /dump/item/f5f9b38df6ba8f f6d73420b452ce37c1

PS-the icon is in low quality as it was lagging,so I took screenshot in low Q.LOL


for what this game was... it was a decent game. I wish there were ways to shoot the guy from long distance.... at times it was nearly impossible to avoid the attacks... graphics were ok.. not that great of graphics. Controls were simple. I like the platform style.

Won in the first try, it was a really close one. Good game, but sometimes laggy with all of the gun blazing.


the game is good but is really boring after a while.I mean the blue machine will never die!Too much lag.

Wow ! I did it. The Pico is a tank :D Too much health. And some times game is too chaotic. Make less weapons and les health maybe.

5 out of 5 on this game.....awesome game

Finally finished it *pant*, damn thing, takes forever to kill it! xD
Great game due! 5/5

Dude not a bad game!

Surprisingly entertaining (I was not sold by the tutorial but it all worked in-game), but waaaay too easy to complete on the first try. Why does Pico have soooo much health? Should drop it to like 1/3 of what it is, at most.

pico looks like nerd but way to good

nice...not bad

so simple


You've reached Brak Show bad.


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3.46 / 5.00