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A short film about the misadventures of jesus and pals.
The quest for jesus awaits one and all, as of now this june is the official Clown month and stuff.

Nothing to report other than that, and cupcakes.

Derp.movie 2 is out soon, on newgrounds and on youtube.
Please don't take this video seriously, or do its up to you and jesus.

OHHHHH derp.movie 2 is out, its on youtube...
will upload it to newgrounds soon to maybe

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Fun. Still not sure why this got so much hate.

nuFF3 responds:

Because it isn't funny, that's the point.

You know,if I pulled a turd out of my ass and taped it with my $10 Kodak this would be the result.
(I know you're trolling, you just didn't do a good job of it.)
I honestly don't care if these are my final words to give any feedback on this.
Your attempt at trolling Marble Hornet fans bombed, your parody/troll video is so far out from being like Marble Hornets people thought it was something totally different. Take zero stars and be happy with thinking you actually trolled tons of people. Countinue to be an asshole with responses and look forward to people giving you more zero stars.

nuFF3 responds:

Its not really a troll video, but if that's what your analysis tells you then sure.
also, dafuq is Marble Hornet?

PS: Whats up with the newgrounds peers oddities? Its like you all think you are so high and mighty compared to other video sites. Whats up with that?

Do you have mental problems or something? This Sucks. Its retarded... but its a bit funny so chu have half star. >:L

nuFF3 responds:

ILU <3

DERP! Lost me 1/4 of the way in as in totally lost me. This was utterly oblivious... I couldn't remotely take this seriously if I tried. Hence, NO STARS. I will not harsh this in that you had the guts to do it and present it but...

Ehhhh. X(

Come on, no joke about Jesus being a gardener driving an old beat up Toyota pickup??

nuFF3 responds:

Its not supposed to be taken seriously, but the jesus story of your would have been nice. Maybe thats the storyline of part 3 ;)
Derp.movie 2 is about moses and pals, its a documentary style film.

Have a nice day

Newgrounds has always been for animations and games. When they brought out the capability to upload in MP4, which is considered a video format, Tom was concerned about doing so. Yes, there are a few other real video submissions here. I know. Just because you can doesn't mean it's encouraged.

Still, it goes against the heart of what Newgrounds is all about. Newgrounds was started as a site for flash artists to showcase their work. It has remained a site dedicated to flash animations and games for over a decade.

We like to keep it that way, since there are plenty of sites for videos. Sites that caiter to Flash animations and games are less common, and Newgrounds, in our opinion, is the best. We'd like to keep it that way.

If you submit this here, your score will suffer from what you might get on youtube. (Well, "likes" on youtube, not "score.")

nuFF3 responds:

A bit conservative I guess? Well, have a nice day.

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May 20, 2013
4:40 PM EDT