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Playnook presents this simple learning game for children. The goal is to find the missing letter to complete the word provided on each level. A certain amount of points is deducted from the base score of 100. So the more mistakes you incur, the lower the score you receive.


Good childrens game, but i don't really think that children who are 5,6,7 years old are going to a site like this to play games ;p

It's ok for young children (I even that it was ok and I am 22)
I do think if you are able to make something more challenging for the older kids
where the score are more than only 100% or 0% (like ad a 25, 50, 75%)
ad make something of a timer. kids love a challenge especially if they can compete with each other
and them selves. but the concept is great work with it.
maybe make a school kit with also some math and other basics.

The core concept is there and it really is a nice effort. I only have three things you might want to tweak or fix. The first as like many have said letters occasionally disappear, though this only happened twice to me. The second is that you have to do something about the audio when it rolls over the letters or menu items, while cutesy at first got very annoying very fast. Unlike the background music which was perfectly done. My final tweak would be to say the words that they have just spelled, while knowing the audio for picking the letters was well thought out without a comment on the word they just spelled its kind of moot. Finally and this is just a comment not a tweak the choice of words was odd, it went from spelling book, to writhe, to learn. Kind of a weird progression. Overall well done tho, and its nice to see something that could actual do some good on here once and a while.

It's a good idea for a game, but most of the time, not all the letters show up, making it impossible to play.

*Missing Letter

The hell you smoking?

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May 19, 2013
11:55 PM EDT
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