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Pixel Barrel Castle

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The wizard of the castle dislikes barrels to a high degree, so he made a potion to rid his kingdom of them. But just as he was doing so, the barrels Broke free! An 8 Bit Rage Game Awaits!
Arrow keys to move!

5 stages, of progressive difficulty. Tried and tested by a group of five and can be completed.

New in this release:

Hitbox Fixed
Difficulty setting
Door for stage2 Fixed

V 1.45676


Why is this game so fucking hard I mean I'm a l33t try hard quick scoper but the guns in this game a re shitty. I mean I cant even 360 without being kidnapped by somali pirates, I mean c'mon man spread it gentle. any way so the burger hot dogs and cool and my pool is on fire. cats

- love Dick Face Dan <3

dbguitar100 responds:

why thankyou james

It is fun the first 20 times i became an expert in level 1 to 5, it does annoy you and makes you rage but it also makes you want to beat it at all cost, maybe jumping a lil bit higher would be nice xD

he don't jump high enver for the barll or wath erevit was but it sucks

dbguitar100 responds:


I can't play this, I die everytime just for a pixel xD I pass for the door and die, I'm like... am I missunderstanding the controls or is something bad or maybe I'm the bad here? I don't know... the pixel art looks fine... but the game play is bad

Try to make the collisions more forgiving.

dbguitar100 responds:

FIxed the hitbox

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Credits & Info

2.21 / 5.00

May 19, 2013
5:19 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle