Pantsu J

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It's J!

J of the legendary game genre! J of Jigsaw!!! Oh please, don't hate jigsaw, I think they are quite cool if we have good picture to look at and good music to hear, I tried to give you both (by stealing others resource).

I don't own any resource of this game and it seems I don't have the right to use them as well. Anyway, stealing is not really my style so I did link to any site where I got the pictures and the song.

The original resolution of this game is 1024x788 but NG has to stretch it to smaller size, it makes the graphic glitch. I just wanted the better resolution for you guys to enjoy those cute pantsu. *sob*


forget the game,click change picture,thats how you play

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The song is cute, but got old real quick, put some more songs in to cycle through. The pics are cute, but would like to see more of them, and would like a way to choose a random picture to work on so I dont know what the final piece will look like. Also its way too easy, please remove the background lines on the harder difficulties so it is actually hard.

And to those hater reviews, dont rate it low just because you dont like the content of the pictures, then just dont play it. Review it on the quality of the game itself or dont play it at all.

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W..W...sorry, bu... nine year old Japanese girls wi.. with, no...

As someone with a vast fascination and respect for Japanese culture, I feel the societ dying around me.

I felt unhappy while playing this game. Thank you.

The gameplay is not that nice. You need to constantly move your tiles so that you can see the background. I feel a workarea to the right or to the left, where you could put your tiles would be better. The pictures are cool anime pictures, so they are supposed to be young girls... no comment about that.

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3.38 / 5.00

May 19, 2013
1:57 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other