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Are you ready to try to win the 6 Nations tournament?
Choose your team and try the grand slam through five matches championships

Play using the arrow keys and the W key to change player and do pass.

Remember Rule Number One in Rugby : never pass forward!

Ready for the Scrum?


its sh*tty cause u cant sprint and u cant format those guys plus its just a bunch of eeryone on eachotter in my opnion just get better controlsand make it realistic

An interesting idea. However, the game play is overall lacking:
1. The players retain no sense of formation. They all simply run around after the ball.
2.The tackling is random and often nonexistent.
3.The passing is rudimentary, but the ball does seem to be going in the direction you press.
4. Does not accurately reflect the rules of rugby. Where are kicking and scrums?
5. Line-outs have no tactical element, or choice of where you are throwing.

There is potential here, but this needs a lot more work if it is going to be a worthwhile submission.

I think it's brilliant idea, but so far it's too hard to play smoothly; everything is too fast and its hard to pass in the right direction. I'm a rugby fan and I can't understand what's going on most of the time. Plus you should put the southern hemisphere teams in, that'd be the best ;)

If you improve it, this could be an amazing game, but for now it's practically unplayable.

no reviews! wow!

I played for 3 minutes and had no idea what was going on. All I could see was "Fight!" Them I loaded up a new game and I kept on kicking it everywhere and won easily. This game requires no strategy whatsoever. It would be better with game play that made sense and strategic game play. I hope this game does well after some changes because I think this could be a great game.

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May 17, 2013
3:30 PM EDT
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