FT: Additional Sessions

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Luckily you have a chance to transfer to an elite private college! You just have to pass an exam on history. But your knowledge leaves much to be desired! One sexy lady will help you to be well prepared for the exam! Good luck!

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First of all, I am german. And so, maybe my english description is not the best ... like other members do write here. Because it doesn't is my native language, okay !?

Btw, apology @ all, - for some typing errors in my now already given reviews to some adult sex games. I have really try to re - read and check it all before I publish them all.

"Fuck Town - Additional Sessions" is one nice and sweet, even horny and sexy games, no dissapointed mood or other opinion.

The idea with the X - ray glasses are cool, so everybody can see already, what he get (later). And the neighbor woman is really well programmed and beauty animated artwork, graphic. Here it give only some problems (in my personal opinion) for critic.

The first tests are easy (even for everybody, who doesn't konw so much about American history). If you have understand the system between the quests, it is no problem. And for someone who can't that, it give also a cheat - walkthrough already in the Internet.

If you are a good boy, pupil, she deserve you with some sexy moments. Here are both first tihngs are so hot. The sex on a roof chamber was sweet, because, she (her body) is really horny by design. And that can be totally enjoying for players.

Sex scene number 3 (after the last, - not so hard questions and answers test) is a BDSM thing, sorry, not my taste ... and how I find, also the only one negative part in the game in total. She do play the complete time from the game first a role like a mature and pride woman, but, at last she is such totally submissive slut.

Why ? Sorry, maybe another find these sexy, but, for me - and what I can read, not only for me - it turns off my horny fantasies.

So I can give only the advice, - a good game with beautyful character (female) and not so different to play. But, also when the last score then is no perfect, try only to achieve the first, twice sex levels. And ... hope, she has a role in a other game.

4 stars ... for a absolutely fantastic - milf - teacher ^^

You know, i'm seriously have problems with.... actualy we all do have with this kind of buying time games. And worse, don't copy character from MnF. Rating ? Not worth to have even 1.

Good music

The questions should be at least a little challenging. WAY too easy, it isn't necessary to give the answers before hand, at least for Americans and I haven't been to school for a few years.

It started pretty great. The history quizzes aren't too difficult. Nice that the sex scenes are a bit different. Good graphics and animation. Like that her mouth is open during the sex scenes (don't like when the character has a closed mouth while moaning). Great boobs, but not ridiculous. I would probably give higher rating if I could continue past the second sex scene (the one in the rest room). Please provide a help function in case players get stuck, which could suggest what to do next. I keep trying clicking all over her, but I've either finished those parts or she isn't ready yet for them.