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Henry Jenkins VS Zombies

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Full title - Henry Jenkins VS the Waves of Unholy Dead: The Remediation of Pain.

Top down shooter in which Henry Jenkins must fight for his live to escape the zombies that converge upon him.

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its been almost 7 years, any idea on when the improved version comes out?

the remediation of pain

if you are going to keep the insta death on there at least make everything illuminated. good concept. has great potential

thrgriffin responds:

Thank you very much, at some point in the near future I'll be starting an improved version. Insta death will be the first thing to go!

I like the game, but there are some flaws. One I kept trying too look past was the fact that it is an instant death, and you don't even get any indication you died. All it does is ask for a level code, then plop you back down.

thrgriffin responds:

I hadn't actually noticed that! Whoops! Would it be worth me amending this and adding a health bar also? As someone who liked it, I'd be interested to know if you think I should do some more work on this or just start fresh? Thanks =]

Kinda slow-paced. If you hold down the button, it doesn't shoot repeatedly...I mean, maybe that's not a BUG, but it's not how you'd expect things to work if you've played a lot of other games like this. It's annoying that you only have one 'health'. In fact, it might even be impossible to finish the first level, but I didn't care enough to try very hard.

Also...Why Henry Jenkins? Are you upset that he left MIT or something?

thrgriffin responds:

Hi, thank you for your review. I thought that having a reload time between shots would add difficulty but the consensus so far seems to be that it's just annoying! A health bar would have been a very good idea in retrospect!

This was part of a university module on new media (I study film, hence why this isn't a much better game). For the module we had to study a lot of Henry Jenkins and I thought this would be a fun take on the assignment. I have a lot of love for HJ though.