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The demo version of DISK has 10 levels.
Get the disk to the computer and complete the levels as fast as possible.
Every completed level gets you 100 points and +1 health.
Using the restart option and death results in loosing 10 points and 1 health point.
The score is calculated by substracting the elapsed time from the ammount of points acquired.


Functional, but little more can be said than that. A fairly basic platformer that has some conflicting design - reducing the player score for time spent as well as the instructions urging the player to 'complete the levels as fast as possible' promote fast-paced gameplay, which the game lacks entirely. A lot of time is spent waiting for slow moving platforms or enemies, and the indistinguishable vanishing blocks often cause frustration if the player does not pause at the start of a stage to see where they are. This also seems to conflict with the tendency of many levels to force restarts by dropping the player to inescapable areas - the punishment for failure should be a reduced score through additional time spent, not through forced level restarts. I'm also not sure the 'health' system is needed - again, the punishment for failure should be an increased time spent in the levels, so having a strangely arbitrary 'game over' point seems redundant given the aim.
The game also lacks a lot of imagination - the environments and enemies are very bland, and there is no variety to either of them. The music is great (I happen to love the game it has been sourced from), but it loops awkwardly, which tarnishes it a little.
The player sprite is nice in appearence, though seems to have maintained some background artifacting (areas of green around his head and back), and could benefit from some better animation.
There's potential here, but it needs work - most notably in design focus.

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Not bad! I didn't play too much because of time but I liked what I played! Oh man, this makes me want to play Darkwing Duck again! Awesome music!

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lol i know this soundtrack it is the sound of darkwind duck's atari game music i like it :D :D

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Its pretty buggy.

I had to restart the game twice to get the first level to work.

i want the nerd to be faster and the time to be more but all and all not that bad

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2.86 / 5.00

May 17, 2013
8:17 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle