Dragon Boy 2

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-wasd/arrow keys to move
-Mouse to attack in certain direction.

Player 2:
-wasd to move
-j or k to attack

-Numeric keys as skill short-cuts

Menu keys:
-i for inventory
-t for skill tree
-p for team party
-o for options

Available in english, spanish and mandarin.


is it me or is it that the industrial level is alot harder then the rest

It's a good game. Very addictive to play, though it can be challenging to level up your dragon because the little guy will always be in my way and getting struck at by other enemies, and since HE'S got worse health than you do, he dies pretty darn quick. Another thing: kind of a big glitch. I am physically unable to equip level 19 swords. It literally will not let me drag them to myself after buying. Something's gotta be done.

Great game, had a few glitches, apparently you can equip vegetables as clothing items (i.e. had a carrot as gloves) dragon didn't hatch even with the enchantment and all stones I've seen are fire ice and lightning. I'd like to see the others too. Level clear with 1 apparently invisible mob is pretty annoying as well. Had the Rune Sword glitch as well. VERY annoying. Some bosses are damn near impossible if you don't grind which some casual players just don't have the patience for. Otherwise a great game :) 4/5

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Good idea, but this has the worst hitboxes I've ever seen,

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Arazec is very weak and her first damage skill only shoots in 4 directions. She is too retarded to attack an enemy standing right next to her.

Dragon boy? Where is this boy? kinda a strange game name since 2/3 of the characters are female.

Sometimes when I get attacked my movementspeed gets reduced until I die, from normal attacks.

Is teleport useful at all?

I found spirit... are those "dragons"? lol... not sure what to do with them. Only level 6.

Probably won't play much of this game, cause ya know, it's broken. (like most games)

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3.73 / 5.00

May 14, 2013
5:15 PM EDT
Adventure - Other