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this animation is still stupid because its my first time since the first time with flash, so be patient


Actually, this submission was pretty good. The moving and scaling of the characters' body parts is quite fluid. It was also funny how the "scared guy" shot the "scary guy" four times, leaving bloody spots on him but no fatal effects, and then he pulls out a paperclip to poke a massive hole in the scared guy's stomach. I've heard of jokes like this before, but not often enough that it would be considered overused, so I definitely laughed when watching this animation. One big thing I would suggest is to have a more specific title than just "Horror Movies". Other than that, this is glorious.

helloutcry responds:

thanks for appreciating my work :)))))))), Ive never thought that this wasnt so bad.

lol that was silly, but i see where it goes when it comes to some horrors nowadays. the animation was pretty good, the sound was good and clear, and it made me chuckle

helloutcry responds:

thanks for the review.

Let me start off first by saying that it is SO TRUE! I just watched "Evil Dead 2" (for like the seventh time) last night, and I swear, when one guy died, the blood that came out of him could have filled at least... six bodies!

Now with facts aside, although this is pretty short and the voice acting is kind of unnecessary at some points, I've seen a lot of people's first animations, and a large majority of them were crappy; FAR worse than this! They're usually just some random walk cycle or uncolored skit. What I keep telling people is that just because it's your first animation doesn't mean you shouldn't try hard, or for that matter at least COLOR the darn thing!

This is pretty good for your first animation. I hope you continue animating, as I see potential in you, both in animating, and in comedy (but maybe not in voice acting).


helloutcry responds:

thank you, ill continue to animate stuff, these reviews really inspired me

Nice little parody nothing too special but well done. i notice a hint of ren and stimpy amongst multiple others. good use of music. though the the outcome was foreseeable it still managed to make my smile...

movement is a point to work on; or if you don't want to do more frames try something in the style of a still movie.

overall 3/5

Generally meh, could use some dialogue, but animation was decent. Voiceovers could definitely improve your work.

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3.05 / 5.00

May 14, 2013
1:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody