Nowhere Safe 2

May 13, 2013 –
July 6, 2015
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Please note: This is a story game with 5 different endings and one bonus. For the most part, you will be reading... This game could be intense for emotionally sensitive individuals.

Summary: Kimiko Yui has been unable to leave her house for over ten years. When her daughter comes down with a mysterious mental illness that requires a chaperone at school, Kimiko finds herself more desperate than ever to conquer her agoraphobia once and for all.

- 5 different endings
- one bonus ending
- lots of choices
- robust soundtrack

Also, the online version does not have screen transitions and does not support full screen mode.

The premium download has the following features;

- full screen mode
- saved games remain after you clear your Internet history
- transitions between scenes
- higher quality audio and video
- supports indie developers!

Premium title is available here: http://www.visualnovelgam es.com/Nowhere-Safe2.html

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i just finished ending 2, and. oh my god. i still love the ending, but.. oh my god.
Anyways, I am so into this visual novel, i've never been so into a novel so much. Great art, great story, great endings. Keep up the good work (:

While, like many have said, this is a bit depressing, I appreciate the realistic responses, portrayals, and scenarios. Sometimes, or a lot of the time, reality's pretty depressing. Combining the music, character development, plot, themes, graphics, and more really causes it to hit home. Mental illness is no joke, and I'm stoked that you chose to use your talents to entertain and inform.
Thanks for an awesome game!

That was certainly more interactive than the first. I liked how, with each ending, the story unfolded just a bit more. Shame that all the endings were bad for at least one of the characters.

Ah wellllll i love the ending 2 the most
The ending 5 is justice way but i don't really like it
In most games the bad ending is alway most exciting one and longest
To be honest after played the first one i thought this will be
Normal hollywood murder style well that totally unexpected
***Minor spoiler*** (Not sure if it's even a spoiler lol)
In case anyone wonder what will happens after ending 2
Play corpse party (don't know why it's remind me of this game her psycho like just remind me of corpse party)
***End of spoiler***
I will definitely check out your other novels
Oh right i almost forgot to bring the most negative point of the game
There is no skip already read button
It's hard to get new ending quickly or read new dialogue because you accidentally skip it

(catching my breath) I finally finished the visual novel! And boy, was that quite of a new and different experience that I'm sure will never leave my memory. I said this about the first and I have just been reassured again-this is prominently the best visual novel game that I have laid my hands on and completed. It truly held a lot of unexpected turns and turn-out, but after finishing all endings and seeing the simple but well though correlation of stories, it made sense that the 5th ending was purely and realistically the best way to go. The story was not harsh at all but rather, as the psychologist that Kimiko talked to online said: This is not a new case but actually a rather common one. Such is true to other bad case scenarios of other victims of multiple cruel cases out there today. I have played so many other games and read countless stories where I was sure that the worse case of an ending was inevitable ,yet , I get corrected either way, and witness a super fortunate by chance and obviously good-guy wins biased one instead. I don't complain if the bad guy wins and the goody guy loses, for such is life, and the gamble of it. I'm not saying that we should all be bad either to get the good ending of our stories. As long as we work to do things the morally right way, apply our best to the task at hand, and don't rely on pills or other objects but on the strength of our own willpower and the freefall of our faith-whether it ends for the bad or for the good-we have accomplished with success. Thanks for such a great game and a great story! I stayed up all night for this, but I feel that you did too to finish this game. The truth has been spoken...as well as twisted and masked, but its still there and I commend you for delivering it ,in all the branches, until the the very end (even in the easter egg) :D

I really like the game and the eerie story behind it and the root this series took. My problem now is that I can't get passed when the rapist breaks the glass and the shattering screen effect. It freezes right at that moment for some reason and it would refresh the page. After a while, I would get a page saying that it won't try to refresh anymore times. I used to be able to play it fine in the past but now I can't due to this.

If you do make another game with completely different themes, it should be called "Somewhere Safe"

On another note, holy cow! I . . . I was not expecting this. It's uh . . . it's emotional alright. I thoroughly enjoyed it, enough to get all the endings including the easter egg. It's sad; no matter how you looking at it, the one who suffers in the end is the child. Yet at the same time, what alternative did you have? Not give birth? Unconscionable. It's a story about hoping for the best and realizing that sometimes just hoping isn't enough. Sometimes you do everything right and bad things still happen.

Please release the soundtrack or the names of them if they are from different sources! I must EXPRESS MY FEELS BY LISTENING TO THEM FOR HOURS!

Wow, this turned out to be unexpectedly dark. The Easter egg made me laugh though.

I like how there were no happy endings, only realistic ones. However I felt that the choices you make in the story really don't connect with the result (I got the "good" ending after trying intentionally to be as mean as possible to Kazumi).

Lastly, the police lady looks too young lol.

I'm ntreally into graphic novels, but this is really really good. I just don't get why ending number 5 is the best. I guess it's because it is the best for Kimiko and it minimize the sadness for the characters, but I'm really not sure about it. My personal best is actually number 2 .

***SPOILER***(sure, Kazumi isn't going to be normal but at least she gets to grow up in a controlled environment and her parents don't just let her go downhill. Also, Kimiko is kind of an horrible person in Ending 5)***SPOILER ENDS***

I also don't know what to get out of the final easter egg. So, that half star is missing because I'm a little confused, sorry for that!

It was SO negative, lmao! but it was good either way.

My favorite ending when everyone is happy but at the end Kazumi draws that F'd up picture. I think that was the best ending only because She might change when she gets older or something, so that was a positive cliff hanger : ).

It wasn't cheesy at all either. Great characters, music, and my all time favorite is Naoki and Aya : )

When's the next one!? I'm hoping you can make a romantic dating one about a kid in high school playing for a specific team... that would be so cool!

Absolutely fantastic! I've played on this site for a while and I'm fond of games like these. The only reason I rated it 4.5 stars was because of the fact that the endings are a little dark and none of them have an actual truly happy ending. I actually agree completely with the reason why you chose to end it on such dark notes, but I feel like there should be at least one good ending. I mean, yes, happy endings don't exactly exist in this world, but there should be at least one that ends up with no death/no hint at death. However, still, great game.

I love the music and my favorite was the cute, upbeat track in the scene where Kento's twin {sorry, I'm a bit flustered and I've forgotten his name} was cutting Kimiko's hair that later reappeared in other scenes that had a sort of positive vibe to them. The music consistently fit in with the particular situations the characters were in and they usually got me into the mood for the scenes, and none of the tracks were really overplayed as much as I've seen other games do. The art was amazing yet simple as well, and the dialogue and story overall was slightly slow paced for me, but it's probably because I'm a very impatient person and I get immersed in the plot so much sometimes that I often want to skip some of the parts and get to the juicy bits that affect the storyline overall, and it was a nice change from the fast paced, in-your-face games that barely give you enough time to breathe. There was a slightly creepy ambience to it but of course I think that was intended, and it was well done.

The characters were well and I especially liked the fact that you made the main character dislikable. Often in stories and games these days, creators/authors make the main character a bit of a Mary Sue and make them too likable with too perfect traits, and I found it interesting to finally play as a character that had a more selfish side to her with just the perfect touch of lack of sanity at times. I'm a little less enthusiastic about Kento but that opinion is biased, based on the fact that I thought Kento and Kimiko's relationship was going to work out well, and I was disappointed that it didn't, although I wasn't disappointed in him. Some people are complaining about Aya and saying she's a one-sided, too majorly flawed character, but I actually liked her as well. I have to say, I have had friends like that in the past and you definitely played off that particular character nicely. And I'd just like to point out that Aya did have some good traits that we're overlooked due to the fact that we perceived her from Kimiko's point of view. It takes a very loyal friend to put up with an agoraphobic that sometimes lashes out at others, and even if she was sometimes slightly less empathetic it was understandable, because she couldn't possibly understood what Kimiko was going through. I liked the therapist as well and felt a bit of empathy for her, but nothing too significant to comment on her character other than she was done well too. I think my favorite character was definitely Kento's twin, because he was cute and brought a nice uplifting, fun feel to the story that it had lacked before, and it was nice to take a breather from such a crazy, messed up life to spend a bit of fun with him, not to mention the fact that he helped Kimiko get through her agoraphobia. Again, some people have complained that he's a bit of a stereotypical gay but I loved it, and unlike other stories, where they introduce gays quite awkwardly, when Kento's twin came in, it wasn't really awkward at all.

Overall, great game that I will look forward to playing again. I've gotten Ending 2 and 3 {2 scared the crap out of me}, and then cheated a bit and followed the steps to Ending 5 because I was so desperate for a happy ending, or at least one that ended without death. I actually enjoyed Ending 5, maybe because it was a change from Ending 2 and 3 that ended quite darkly and in contrast made it seem happier, but I liked that at least Kimiko got to live, and it was incredibly sad when I imagined poor Kazumi pushed out into the street in a hospital gown, wandering around before getting arrested. My opinions towards the endings might be a little biased though, because I'm relatively new to slightly creepy games and I don't really enjoy them mostly because I'm a little bit of a scaredy cat, but this was one too good to pass up. Although I have to say, I did turn my audio off and turn the computer away from me when Ending 2 occured, but I actually liked that ending as well.

I haven't finished the whole game so I might make a few additional notes later, especially about the bonus ending which I'm looking forward to, but I think I need a little bit of a break after this, my poor little heart. Good game, and I will definitely be checking out more of yours ^^

Also, if you wouldn't mind, could you direct me towards a game similar to yours but that has a little more upbeat feel to it? If not, it's fine, I'm just wondering. Thanks! ^^

I'm not done playing the game yet, but I just wanted to say so far it is really good. I can really relate to Kazumi, I went through/am still battling the same condition. :3

Note: if any of you are depressed after playing this game, I highly suggest you read this.

Kimiko learns to control her fear before Kazumi's condition worsens and that in turn makes Kazumi realize that her perceptions of her world is incorrect. Kazumi questions herself and somewhat understands human nature. She feels more comfortable in front of others learning that everyone has their own battles to face and though she never truly feels empathy, she can at least grow up as a functioning adult without being so damn stabby. Because Kento was so loyal in this story, it would be the most logical for Kento to stay married to the now likeable Kimiko who enjoys spending time with her family outside of the house. Kimiko finds a new job and Kazumi eventually grows up into a slightly more empathetic person from all the constant care of professional psychologists and of her now psychologically sane parents. Aya ends up with a man in Australia and marries him there. She stays in Australia for the rest of her life occasionally visiting Kimiko during summer breaks from work. The psychologist ends up writing her book and becomes famous just like you said and Kento's brother ends up marrying a good man which makes Kento realize that he isn't his brother's boy toy anymore. The two reconcile, and meetings between them stop being so awkward. Years pass and Kimiko finds out that her daughter is dying from cancer. Kimiko and Kento visits her and realizes that their daughter is slightly more empathetic, but still not empathetic enough to survive in society. They pull the plug when the nurse tells them that saving her is hopeless knowing that it was the best ending for their troubled daughter. The player later finds out that Kimiko and Kento had another child years before, but they concealed her from Kazumi for her own safety. Their new daughter turns out looking very similarly to Kazumi, but is psychologically healthy. The new daughter grows up and adopts a sweet young boy with her husband because the new daughter is infertile . Kimiko and Kento retire from work and visits their daughter and Naoki often just for the heck of it. They end up traveling the world and visits Aya and her family often. They now have an active and healthy social life. Dr. Hamesaki ends up marrying an old, but still handsome bachelor and becomes loyal to him knowing that she isn't as young and as beautiful as she used to be. There are still ups and downs to life, but at least Kimiko and Kento live like normal people again.

I guess the main reason why I wrote this ending was because I know that people would be sad by the dark endings this game has by reading the comments. The world is not perfect, but it isn't so flawed nothing ever turns out right. I mean this to no offense to you or your story because I very much enjoyed the story and the game. I rated this 4.5 stars because of this reason. I would have enjoyed a good ending where things turn out okay because I personally think it adds a bit more realism to the story. There will be times things will be very bad, but there will also be times when things will turn out alright, just like in real life. Keep up the excellent work!

Oh. My. God.

So I literally just played this after playing part one, and in my review of part one I said it was kind of predictable. However, part two was definitely not. I ended up with Ending #2 and I know for sure that after a small break I'm going to play the entire thing again.

And the story. Honestly, I don't want to say a lot and accidentally spoil something, but the story of this game really hits home to me. Definitely one of the better visual novels that I've played in a long time.

it was a great game, the artwork was amazing, the soundtrack was just phenomenal. the only thing i can really be upset about it the fact that the endings are all bad. ending number 2 sends a great message but it still does seem a little upsetting how she does grow to hate her own mother after showing such progress as said in the narration. i just wish that there was a happy ending. still, great game and i hope i can play more from you. :D

literally does not stop loading

I spent a total of 2 hours on this and it was very well spent! Not many things can keep my attention for 2 hours and i commend you on that. Well made and depressing story. I kept on coming back for more ways to end the story. I also loooveee the soundtrack. Great job!

Great story. Good artwork. But trebly depressing especially considering that not of the endings were actually a good ending Coming from a family that has mental issues and being diagnosed with depression myself, I could feel a connection to these characters like no other. I sat and got all endings and watched the bonus. This is kind of ruthless. I prefer happy endings. Like I said, great game. Worth five stars , many times over. But, if I could, I'd just forget about it personally. This is going to be a title that I will love and hate. However, due to how I am, I'll probably stumble across it again in the future and do a let's play with commentary when I finally get a webcam and a mic.
....Man, I need something to cheer me up now.

I played through both games and I have to say your visual novel was really intense. This is a very nice piece of artwork. I got all the endings and I felt really terrible for Kimiko, even if I couldn't get to like her for the most part. Really well done.

I LOVE this game! I got ending 4 and I'm a BIT disappointed that I can't choose whether to jump or not, but whatevs. The story is great! At first, I thought this will be a horror game. So I gathered my confidence and clicked the 1st game. But then I was like, OH! This game is SO fun! Its not a single bit scary! (Except for the crazy brother trying to break in house thingie). I gave this 5 stars! I hope you make more of these games!
Best Wishes!

Wow, it's not often I write reviews on games, but this blew me out of the water. The storytelling is INTENSE and well-done. Kind of sad that the "best" ending results in Kazumi being miserable in a mental institution for the rest of your life... in a world full of hope and happy endings, the thought that Kazumi is hopeless and can't be saved is sad.

I also felt that although Kimiko was so irrational and unlikable most of the time, I could relate to her a bit. When I was wheelchair bound, I had to rely on others for help every day, like Kimiko does because she can't leave her house. Eventually my friends became tired of helping me constantly and stopped, and I began to resent them. It took a while for me to let go and realize that I had to be more mindful of others, stop expecting so much from people, and find happiness within myself instead of relying on others for it. I also used to be pretty prone to anxiety and worried about everything, similar to Kimiko's internal dialogue.

Dang, this was disturbing. It's gonna be hard to sleep at night. But god DAMN I hope I never become like Kimiko... or have a terrible relationship like her's and Kento's. Jesus. It sounded like they were going to be happy from Nowhere Safe 1.

Sorry for writing so much! Keep up the excellent writing.

i pick the good one just one more thing
how about is twin brother

great game i was trying to find the 5 ending and i got it.

Well. I never got to play it. I played the first one and loved it. Sooo. I waited waaay longer then 15 minutes for it to load and just when it did load, I couldn't do anything about the small ad that pops up in the middle of the screen. No ad played, it was just black. I couldn't close it either. So, I'm sorry but I wish I could've played it. I know I would've loved the second part too.

Just Wow!5 stars!

WOOHOOO!Everyones psycho except the gay guy! EXCELLENT!

lovely little psychological horror visual novel. I love it. chock full of Glenn Closes and Annas!


reminds me of The Cell with D'Onofrio... geez. I feel safe when there is a clear force for good that wins.

But i get it. ;) nice job!! gonna go play the other ones.

I just gotta type this. But your Nowhere Safe games really have had a lasting impact on me. I played this about 4 weeks ago and it still won't leave my mind. Everyday, something in my little world keeps bringing my thoughts back to this game.

The artwork is nice, characters very well developed and I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into developing them, though the story does go a bit slow at times, but the story and dialog is developed in such a way that you want to know what happens, how different choices you make can effect the story's outcome. And in the end, after you play through all, you can't help but to feel completely terrible. It really makes you think and realize that no matter how much you try in life, there are no guarantee happy endings. Some how in some way, life will find a way to screw you over, may it be through the actions of another, physical, mental, or emotional trauma, or through society. Life will find a way. But it also makes me realize just how important friends and families are. With good supporting friends and family by your side, it can turn the most problematic situations seems so much easier to overcome. And it's also made me realize just how much over the generations people have forgotten to appreciate having people like that in their daily lives, even me.

You really have a real piece of art here and it takes a lot of time, dedication and skill to create a game that has a real emotional effect of people. It's been a real long time since I've played a game that has left such a lasting impact on me and I thank you for doing so. It is because people like you who inspired me to better myself as a artist and as person, and to overcome the statistical that life has thrown at me. I hope you continue on making more games like this and I am looking forward on hopefully review more of your work in the future.

very interesting game. i tried going through it again but im struggling to get the alternate endings :P really neat nonetheless. i enjoy these sort of games with multiple endings. its a bit tricky avoiding the bad ending though

This thing has been loading for 45 minutes now.

nice, i get the worst ending as my first ending ffs me im so terrible...

Amazing game I really enjoy the impact and the story behind it. Endings 1-5 seemed like some indication that she wanted mommy dead especially with the picture of her head blown off. Anyway I was wondering at the end of the easter egg ending. Does Kazumi like her mother get raped? It seemed like that since there was another "Creep" there and basically happened the same to Kimiko. Anyway, great game and a very interesting story lots of possibilities too bad without taking a pill its like instant jumping issues xD.

Awesome game :D .. I love phsycological games and this one fits perfectly .. One of the few games where I was actually interested in wasting my time finding all the endings (which I did btw :P) .. Great job on it and I hope you keep making more :)

Great game! The ideas are really interesting! Only, I wish there were a few more options. Still, the graphics are pretty, and I wanted to keep playing, so well done!

Now I just need to get a good ending...

Wow, that was a very interesting and unique game. As a student studying Psychology also, I found the mental illness aspect of it was particularly fascinating. I think I've spent too much time on this now, having found all five endings and the easter egg. Haha XD
There's a couple of points I wanted to pick up on. One is on Kimiko who I felt to be, I suppose, a realistic but nevertheless dislikable character. Is it possible that she had psychopathic traits also? It's just I couldn't help but notice how selfish she was and at certain points, how callous she reacted towards her own daughter. In particular, I'm referring to the "I win" bit.
Also, despite being half Japanese myself, I found it quite a culture shock. (I'm neither saying this is positive nor negative way). I just tend to sometimes forget other cultures' views differ on incest, passion killings and homosexuality. On that point actually, Naoki did tend to perpetuate the whole gay stereotype. But then, he was a great character, so I can perhaps forgive you for that. ;)
But all in all, a brilliant and hooking game! It is quite relieving now though, having escaped the craziness and intensity of the 'Nowhere Safe' world to come back down to normal reality (well, 'normal' for me anyway). Thanks for providing us with such a great game!

Love these games a lot, they cut close to the bone. You really capture the mind of an agoraphobic, thank you so much!


This is awesome! Thank you for making this game!

oh my god i just saw her get stabbed :( such a bad ending

Hello Redpandagames! I loved your game so much it felt like i was kimiko and when i saw the easter egg it got me curious and i really want a happy ending for kimiko and of course i used my imagination but it didn't help it go and i know im asking for too much already but could you make part three? You may not want to and i understand as it takes alot of time to make the designs and the backgrounds and the story line and the buttons and also to promote it. But i already thought of the start to the story and the some of the choices. Please say what you think, if you think "NO IM NOT GONNA MAKE A PART 3!" then that's fine just spit it at my face c: but if you think you are up for it and you are interested in hearing the story i made up then i will send it privately so if you do make part 3 there wont be any spoilers even before you start the project. Also if you like the story and want me to create more up so it goes further just ask me to and i will because it would be a pleasure to help a person like you! but if you don't like it or you don't like any parts of it then you can tell me. This game is excellent and for me it was a shame that it ended so quickly so that's why i was asking and yet again i apologize for bothering you too much! :)

That was dark. Played all the endings. By the way what happened to his twin brother?The main problem is the pacing. But the game is daring which I like.Also why am I blocked?

I actually liked the "good" ending. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm not overly sensitive and that I'm childfree. And you have more time to deal with your own problems when you're not simultaneously looking after a child. Not that anyone with unwanted children has any business having them in the first place. I felt that kid was doomed from the start because of that.

i love this game,your imagination is incredible! the stories you do are like one book i read that traped me :D.i just have one thing to say, when i put not to take the pill she talks like she took it but i really pushed not to take the pill

thats all continue with your awsome inventions!

Oh man those were some messed up endings, btw is the bonus ending the stars thing or not? If not how do I get it?
BTW great game 5/5 ;)

Holy poop. I got Ending #3. Was that the guy from the beginning? Did Kimiko just die?
Great Game. It was amazing. Definitely worth the hours it took to play.

i cried so much it reminded me of so many things in my own life... so many things i wish that i could have done differently...thank you so much for this

Well, those were fucked up endings...
But I did like the VN overall, the music, art, and twists within its story.
I like the characters, especially Naoki. XD

God almighty, what just happened?! XD Still great though, I really feel like Kazumi is my daughter. I really wanna see her grow up to live a normal life.

Incredible, amazing, brilliant. Just a few of the words that would describe this game. This was hands-down one of the best games I have ever played. Each different storyline never failed to take me by surprise and I found myself repeatedly coming back to this game for the sole purpose of seeing all 5 endings.

You weren't lying when you described this game as being particularly intense for emotionally-sensitive viewers, such as myself. There were times when I had to stop and take a breather because things were getting too intense for me, but I feel that my sensitivity was one of the reasons I enjoyed this game because it allowed me to connect with the characters.

Out of all the characters, I especially felt for Kazumi. To me, it felt like she was never destined to have a normal life. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her since even she couldn't understand why she was the way she was. Her physical appearance only increased the sympathy I felt for her.

I noticed that none of the endings were happy, including ending 5 which was intended to be the 'victory' ending though I didn't feel like it was a victory. In a way, I liked that there were no 'storybook' endings. The fact is real life isn't a fairy tale. Things don't always go the way we would like them too, and even the innocent can have terrible things happen to them.

To conclude, you have done yourself proud with this creation and I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in this kind of thing,

omg !!! I have absolutely no words . brilliant, absolutely brilliant. more,more, MORE !!!!! :)

I absolutely loved this game it was great, i also loved the fact that i ended up with ending 4 on my first try haha bad luck i guess, it just follows me everywhere xD

How on earth do you get ending #5!? I've been playing this game for countless hours and cant figure out that last ending. Please someone help D: (btw 4.5 stars :3 I still think the first game was better, unless ending #5 can make me think otherwise)

I'm saddened to say that I am truly disappointed. Most of the choices made no difference to the endings, there was no attempt made for anything resembling a good ending as all of them ended in one form of severe tragedy or another, the changes in the couples attitudes and characteristics were extreme and unbelievable, the love affair between the doctor and Kento felt unnecessarily forced and redundant, and the best friend was completely unlikable with no redeeming qualities. The only feature that gave this game any semblance of hope was the believably strained relationship between Kento and his brother. I had hoped for better and had anticipated this sequel highly, only to be let down. I grant you two and a half stars as the animation style was consistent and well done but I hope that future works will be an improvement on this.

I waited forever for it to load but it was soooo worth

Oh my god please please please make like another on man this is amazing

Sooo good! As simple as this game is, I was totally suckered in from the start! I love tragic stories, and I am pleased you didn't go with a happy go lucky ending! I mean not that a happy ending wouldn't be okay, but I feel like the ending was so much more stronger with ending that was more realistic. Maaaaybe it would've been cool to see a story where they all seemed fine, but it jumps to the future and everything suddenly goes wildly out of control, because of so and so spoilers, but all in all I'm really impressed with the direction you took and I hope to see other games from you!

p.s.- great job on the easter egg xD totally killed the serious tension and made me burst out laughing at like 5 in the morning! (And no you didn't ask, but I played this game non-stop for about 3 hours)

i really loved this game, i spent waay longer than i probably should have playing it.
i even got the easter egg, i found it pretty interesting yet slightly confusing. id love if you could share some incite on that with me. but either way i though it was really good and worth taking the time to play ^^

Awesome, loved it!

I really wished there could have been a true happy ending. Realistically, I suppose it doesn't always work out like, though. Still, I'm at least glad that the mother did better. I just couldn't help but feel like they went about trying to help Kazumi in the wrong way. I just feel so bad for her because it isn't really her fault she turned out like this. Still liked the game, though. Music was great, especially the really happy song when Kimiko takes the pill.

please can anyone tell me , how can i get the first ending i tried all the ways ( maybe not all of them for you ) but it didn't work / T.T ... HELP MEEEEEE ... T.T

It is amazing how you managed to improve the first part!

Not only the story was really engaging, but it also covers some mental illnesses and it is well documented! I felt empathy with the main character all the time.

Congratulations for this game, I think it might be amongst the best ones I played!


i got all the endings (and it was hard to get). Only 5 was the best and not violent. Most of them was her daughter killing her or the mother killing her daughter. I think it was fun but hard getting them but i would rather have to nice ones and then the rest mean. Plus the easter egg i didnt get can some one please help me understand the easter egg. but besides all of that i think this was a very fun but hard game

great improvement from the previous VN....

great game, just finished with path 4 :(
one bad point is in thannaoki is too much of a gay sereotype


Daaang....why did the girl kill me? I don't get it. She said I was pathetic, huffed and puffed, then left. It just seems a little out of character. At least make it more clear that she's violent, not just subtle hints when she's 7 that might not even be anything to worry about. All of a sudden, now she's 18 and kills her mom. That whole ending just seemed rushed. She didn't even seem like she was about to do that. She didn't seem to be plotting nor passionately angry. XD It just seemed so random.

Also, the arrows don't work, so i had to play all the way through to choose different choices. I didn't know how to save until i finished the game either. XD

I love the concept, and to a large extent the delivery, I am dissapointed by the lack of 'game' I've been playing for at least half an hour and I've only been able to make something like three decisions, at least two of which were irrelevant and were undone by the plot. I feel like I am a passenger, or someone reading a story instead of someone playing something.

But yea, still pretty awesome.

I was really sad when there wasn't one ending that turned everything okay. Like the daughter would be okay, the brothers got along. I mean the therapist should definitely be fired or killed by the daughter and that Kimiko and her husband would be together :) But I love this. I was sad when Naoki died. But I spend quite a while playing this game to get all endings. I think it would be better if the endings would end in a video or more colorful endings as in what happened but with pictures instead of just a conclusion paragraph ya know? But I don't really want to put that against the entire game so. i love it and hopefully we get to see more! :)

Great game i love point n' click games the story really shows about phobia and about our fear when we were a kid i still have phobia too going outside of the house and talking to people but this just showed me that one day I'll be facing people and he society so my gratitude too for this game it's a good game to play XD

"love it" can't never be enough to explain what I felt with this story.
I was a kid with many psychological issues (in term of speaking and understanding) . I really felt like I was the child in the story. Thanks to only my direct family, i didn't became a crazy bad man. Still, i have let to learn about life. And I'm still trying to overcome my shyness and my fears.
This works proves something, the childhood is important.

This work is amazing. This work is amazing. This work is amazing.

I can't plaaaaaaaaaay D: It keeps loading :( really wanted to play this game, the first one is awesome

Great game! I loved it. Very clever and entertaining, I can definitely tell that you put tons of hard word into it. I noticed some hate comments while reading through, but don't let those bug you. Some people just aren't deep enough to handle something like this.

BWAHAHA to the Easter ending. That's awesome man xD In a wicked way, I guess.

Please make more games like this in the future. It was better than half the poo on Newgrounds!

When I first played this, indie game. I was scared at first, then I got the ending when Kimiko suicides. After that, I wanted to play the other ending, so I got to this one scene where Kazumi is 18 years old and tells Kimiko to die and all. So when Kimiko went to the bathroom to bathe, the door slowly creaks and I immediately start to freak out and well I kind of "x" the tab out. I had to admit it really scared there. And I'm like shaking there.

By the way, it's a really good game.

Couldn't get the game to fully load even after a half hr :( First screen with the girl loaded just fine, but then I got stuck at title screen with the little loading window that just won't load. Disappointing, since I wanted to see what this game was like, despite having read the reviews already during the waiting period.


I really like how the story went, even though some part of it was really sad, including the ending.
I guess this is the end of the game's series.
Still, it's of my favorites...
I'll look forward to your upcoming games!

i enjoyed the unique plot
the non forced in escalation of issues
still i didn't like any of the visuals ,mostly likely because i don't like anime

I love this game but I do wish it had a happy ending option.

If you're going to make a movie with choices, make a movie with choices. Also, get some voice actors from here on NG (I'm one), and have them record the dialog.

Woah, what a lot of dialog. At first it felt the game kinda jumpstarted a bit too quick, it moves from one thing to the next, and though it starts with a scream there wasn't any real suspense, but the further it goes the easier it's to get hooked in the story. Plenty of content too, though not so much graphical. Would be cool with some more dynamic sceneries, like sunrays shifting transparency, or objects in the foreground, etc, keep it going!


game is truly amaing played both games you need to make more i become addicted

The artwork is okay, but the choices are almost completely arbitrary in regards to which direction the plot goes, and the protagonist just ignores things that any reasonable person would be losing their mind over (the connection between her therapist and the man who sexually assaulted her, the fact that her kid is hurting other children at school, etc. etc.) It's a fantastic concept, but the execution is pretty sloppy.

No happy endings? Other than that great game.

Very engaging! I get sucked into the game every time!
I still haven't gotten endings 1 or 5 yet, but I will because I WILL be playing this a lot more.

60 megabytes? Methinks you would do well to compress your audio. And I bet your image files are bigger than they need to be as well.

i really like your music choice. not just the selection but the timing and mood.

damn those creepy feeling when you see one of the game ending oh by the way great game.

one happy ending.. thats all i wanted... i played this for 2 hours, for the sake of one happy ending... you evil, dark, sadistic bastard.... im going to go cry now.

I'm scared right now...
And I feel like someone is killing me tonight.
I have strange feelings.
By the way, this is a good game though.
I'm depressed with the endings.
But it has a moral lesson!

So adorable yet depressing.I liked the whole plot and especially that in every ending you would put your own comment,but it would be great if there was a happy ending.c:

That was sad, but great. I liked the design and the story. I would give it 5, but the easter egg ending wasn't what I would expect from a "happy ending" and I understand that it was inteded to be a joke, but I wasn't in the mood for laughing after playing all those sad endings ;/ I think it wold be beter if instead of making an easteregg you would just make a last, whole scenario with a happy ending that unlocks afer beating all the bad ones. Any way more games like these please :]

That was pretty intense. Definitely not a game for someone looking for anything to cheer them up, is it? I have to say, Naoki is my favorite character. This was a frank look at mental illness, and I appreciate that. Very dark, very dramatic.

Well, I found all six endings...

The structure of the overlapping story-lines was well thought out, and the sounds were all appropriate. That's very important in a game like this. I have to say though, the whole thing was disturbingly morbid. If that was your goal, I congratulate you. Though, being the perv that I am, there was one thing I really liked in here; and that is the picture of Mrs. Hamasaki. Is there a bigger version of it somewhere, or is it part of a set of pictures? I'm not belittling your work, I'm just particularly interested in that one bit. lol

i love this game

Wow. Just.....Wow...

I love this interactive fiction, I even picked up some new knowledge- like epigenetics and selective mutism- I appreciate the wide range of topics this covered. Make more soon!

I love it! 5/5. Please make more. I enjoy them.

great game and great story 5\5,hope to see more games just with more happy endings but really really awesome story: )

I really like the music and storyline, it falls together really well

Amazing has a twist, more endings it gives you that sense of what going to happen next, great work!

its good but got tired of reading

While it's point-and-click worth is less than desirable, "Nowhere Safe 2" was very well written and worthy of the time invested in it.

Dang it! I'm here playing games to have fun but I end up being completely depressed with this game!!! very nice characters and back drafts too.

Got the first 4 endings and they've all been pretty depressing. Hopefully, the final ending will be better.


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4.12 / 5.00