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Berathen Detective Demo

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Volume Controls: Plus and Minus keys to adjust volume!

The full name of the game is Berathen Spirit Detective, but it's a long name and I want to point out that it is a demo!
I'm currently running a indiegogo campaign for it and am hoping if you guys like it that you might check it out!

Berathen: Spirit Detective is a murder mystery simulation game. This game features a top-down view as you control the young exorcist Terrich Lembton.
In the world he lives in Exorcists deal out the law to both the living and the dead. His spiritual abilities make him more than capable for dealing with the recently deceased.

Note: I do not claim the graphics as my own. I use the graphics provided from RPG Maker VX Ace as well as some tiles made by the RPG Maker community who have been really helpful in assisting me with my game.

Slow: There are a good number of reasons the game might be running slowly on your computer. Some are things I still need to sort out on my side and I'm working on that fervently! Sorry!

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cant wait for the full game
very interesting!!

.... Clare? Teresa? .... Claymore reference?

Very nice job! I love how you mixed RPG Maker with Flash.
However, the flashing and shaking seems a little overdone, to the point where it can get old really fast. Maybe you should lower it down a bit? Not everyone has to make the screen shake when they're angry!
Other than that, a very nice and fun game, and also pretty challenging at some points. :)

Great game and graphics. Need to walk faster. Waiting a full version. :D

This game is great! I'd like an option to click through the dialogue faster, and a little less of the flashyflashy-shakeyshakey xD
I enjoyed the FIND THE TRUTH game play, and showing up the other exorcist. :D
I'd love to play the rest of it when it's done. :)

Venks responds:

Thanks so much! I'm still working on the full game. If you'd like I can send you a link when the game is finished.