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[January 14, 2016]

[ Now the NEXT Mars Colonies game enters the open BETA. You can play it here : ]
[ https://www.facebook.com/games/marscolonies/ ]

Mars Colonies is a RTS game about building and protecting your own colonies on Mars. Hire skillful colonists, help them survive marsquakes, dust storms and other threats, and build the most successful colonies on Mars. With Science!


::Instructions and tips:

* Speed up the game with the [F] key.

* Review how much energy and water a building needs in pop-up menu when you move cursor on building icon. After placing a new building you need to connect it with energy or water if building need any; make sure to connect power lines and water tubes to the right places on the South-West side of a building. If a building don't have water/energy, the warning icon will appear.

* Hire new colonists via "HIRE" button on the bottom-center of the screen. Colonists need food and oxygen.

* Review colonist's needs in the bottom-right corner by clicking on him. You can change the name or fire the colonist.

* Set up jobs for each colonist at "JOBS" window. It's not necessarily, but can make your colony and colonists more effective.

* Order resources at "ORDER" window. Helpful when you lack of oxygen or food.

* Cancel build mode by pressing ESC.

* Rename your colonists by pressing on their names.

Check Dereliction's comment for more details(remove spaces):


Thanks for all the feedbacks, guys!

Be sure to refresh game page to play latest version - CTRL+F5.

[November 14, 2014]
- Fullscreen Support Added. (Bottom right corner)
- Game Updates now show inside the game;
- Scoreboards per mission are working again!
- Minor Fixes;

[May 12, 2013]
- Added speed up button. Hold [S] to increase game speed;
- Price balancing;

[May 13, 2013]
- Colonists with "build job" enabled will be deliver resources to "building sites" now;
- You can see future georadar's area before placing it;
- Georadar's area will shown when you build pipes now;
- Bunker hp increased slightly;
- Increased item capacity for Storage;
- Fixed bug when resource hasn't returned if colonist canceled his task because of hunger, etc.
- Increased priority for "Carry Goods" jobs(supplying compon. factory, etc);
- Fixed few typos;
- Added another button [F] to turn on/off fast speed if you don't like to hold [S];

[May 18, 2013]
- Move camera with arrows/wasd buttons;
- You can scaling game window now;
- Science! will return when you cancel pipes;
- Tile selection fixed;
- Slightly increased number of mineral deposits on levels;
- You can select Energy Pipe mode with "1", Water Pipe mode with "2" and Demolish mode with 3 from keyboard now.
- [S] speed button changed to [E]. [F] still there.

[June 19, 2013]
- All research points are returned when you cancel not finished building.
- You can see where buildingâEUTMs inputs are located when placing building. Green âEU" energy, white âEU" water.
- You can set target minerals for mining by clicking on them.

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Awesome game; it has a bit of a learning curve but it is worth it; I wish it had more missions. Playing fullscreen is a must. Quick start: build Living Quarters, ramp population to 4, build Personal Module in a good defensive location, under Jobs ensure all workers can Collect Minerals, mark nearby minerals, ramp population to 7, upgrade Personal Module to Bunker. After you have 1 Hydroponics and 1 Oxygen Station, ramp population to 10; after you have 2 each, ramp to 13-16. Plumbing and electrical are expensive; build structures close together and only what you need; electric cables and water lines can overlap. Avoid combat until you are ready; click nearby minerals to mark them for collection to keep workers close to home; if a worker wanders into combat, tractor beam and drop them back at base. Upgrade your Personal Modules to Bunkers to help defend your base; upgrade the Living Quarters with a Medical Bay so workers can heal after combat; click the pirate capsule immediately after it lands to mark it for destruction. Extract metal for the entire game; after a Metal Extractor runs dry AND its stock reaches 0/0, demolish it so it stops consuming electricity. When there are no further places to store Components, the Component Factory will wait, and then the Metal Extractor will wait. The game runs faster when a building/person is not highlighted.

The games Tutorial is not only obnoxious but it doesn't even explain the main mechanics and how to set things up properly.

There is a green and a blue tile on every building, those need to be connected with a power cable and a water pipe, otherwise your buildings stay offline all the time.


So this was really "INTENSE" the game was very welldone some massive amounts of detail and the "MUSIC" was just right and glad you won a could of awards on this one very fitting I could see this game being improved with much more details and elements and even more fancy effects but overall I had fun with this one.

I could see this game being improved with much more details and elements and even more fancy effect



Awesome. Well done!

Lots of cityplanning (layout and build order); enough micro management to give you freedom, but you can also leave it; it's slow, so you can take your time and hit the FastForward button when you're ready; cool graphics (makes me think of a cuter Dune II), cool music!, good sounds; the difficulty lies in finding the right tactics, not in surviving waves of enemies, so after every mission restart you learn something more ; most awesomest currency; pew pew lasers; lots of alliterations;

I had no problem understanding the game (hurray for tooltips). There were a few things i had to figure out, but nothing illogical, and for me it added to the charm. (the D'OH moment when i found out pipes and cables can go on the same square, when i was in mission 5... hehe)

It's a slow game, so i'm glad you added a FF button. It makes a world of difference.

When the colonists come back from a fight they don't charge their weapons, so when i buy a few more and then try to zerg before i build base, the "older" colonists leave battle after 2 shots. This is kinda annoying. And when an enemy building is almost down, and an enemy comes out, they all go after him, while the building could be out in 3 seconds (Yes, and then i got killed and invented some new swearwords). But i guess cursing at your fighters is part of RTS games :)

An in-mission save system would be nice, for after a heavy battle or when searching for water. Then again, it might make the game too easy, so i'm not sure if it's a good idea.

Rotating buildings would be nice, although right now it adds to the planning element.

Well, it seems i debunk all my own criticism, so you did real well :) After i finish the game i will definitely check out the new project.

Hmm now, if the fight takes too long, i might get in trouble with food, but if i rush my hydroponics i'll be low on iron, which i'll have to buy anyway, because that iron area is so far away i'll have to spend a lot of components, so i need a factory, but then i don't have anything for oxygen supply. Then again, now it's only 1 enemy, and in 5 minutes it might be 5. But maybe i should go after the raiders first, in stead of the loonies, they can drop pods. But for them i need more soldiers etc etc etc. Ah what the hell, for Science!

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4.13 / 5.00

May 10, 2013
1:30 PM EDT