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Dark Reality: Two Doors

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Author Comments

Dark Reality: Two Doors is a point-and-click puzzle game. In this game you have to solve many puzzles. No need to dwell on the search for various items and keys. Solving the puzzles you'll find that the output is in another world. Without darkness escape impossible.

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It seems like a great game, the only problem is that I can't finish because on the left side, I can't click on the individual books. The puzzles were great and the game was amazing until I got to that point. I hope to see more games from you, but PLEASE make sure you test the game before you release it. always make sure it works first.

This game is way too hard to solve without help. I literally had to look up other reviews on this website and others just to solve the problem. Because of how ridiculously hard many of this game's puzzles were, I'm giving it a lower score than usual.

BTW, EricT's review was a GREAT help (go check it out a couple pages below for a Huge amount of help) in helping me go through this game, but even then, I found a couple flaws:

1. The answer to the box in the red room isn't "1center 2left 4left 8right 8center 2right" as EricT said! It is instead:

"2center 9left 4right 4center 1right then click on box to open".

I had to find this solution on another website when EricT's advice wasn't working.

2. "6574700" is not always the answer to the computer as EricT stated. The answer actually changes RANDOMLY for each game (I got "2455954" for my playthrough as opposed to what EricT's number) so you have to find out the answer on your own. The location of the password is always the same though thus like Eric T said, the compartment where the password is located is green room's right wall's bottom right corner.

Very nice. The game was extremely hard and challenging. The puzzles were clever, and I actually liked the mixture between Roman numerals and regular numbers.

Some criticism:
- The clues were a bit scattered around the rooms. Most of the time I had no idea which clue was referring to what puzzle.
- The separately click-able books are a bit problematic mainly because they're all empty but one, so people will assume they're just empty. A solution to this might be using different coloured or different shaped books or you could put more things inside the books, could also just be utter nonsense or additional hints and clues.
- The box puzzle in the second room had no sound when solved, which is extremely annoying because then the player doesn't know when or that they have actually solved the puzzle.
- The hot-spots are very tiny.

Other than that I really enjoyed the game, nice graphics.

...um, not sure how to proceed. But I like te atmosphere with the little musical intro! ;) very submachine. And as for the guys down below whinging so much, just double check your code nad make sure it works, you know, just in case there's a glitch.

"sleigh bells ring
hipsters whine
get them drunk
they'll be fine
They're whinging along
in place of a bong
mocking in a
lol it's late. I do random crap parodies when it''s late.

this game was utterlly retarded. atleast 1 of your safes doesnt open, you mixter of roman numerals regular numbers doesnt go we'll, and X=10 not zero you dumbass.

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

May 9, 2013
6:32 AM EDT