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Dead Girl Strip Club

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Freshly abandoned, our hero Pup Alfred wanders through the land of the exiled dead . Where he comes upon a Dead People Bar/Strip CluB! What else? Parched of thirst from the ghetto desert , Alfred takes the Drunknegromellon's advice and cures his broken heart with hard liquor. But at the last moment of hope, can an Electricuted Corpse Girl powered by a Masturbating Grim Reaper save Poor Alfred's Life?

This is the second completed clip from the Alfred Alfer movie. It wil be released in multiple parts on Newgrounds.com as they are finished.

Also thank you sooo much to MindChamber for stitching this together for me!! IF it wasnt for you and your outdanted version of swiff this quaility carton might not be Herrr! THankss!!!

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u good bro?

how the fuck is this in popular


I had no idea that this was part of a movie. The whole thing just seems so random to me. The animation is fantastic. I can certainly believe that this won Underdog Of The Week. The theme of a hot zombie is pretty weird to me. The "Xombie" series, however, did do it perfectly with Nephthys.

Now, I'd wanna see HER in a bikini. Anyway, it was amazing how dark this was. You truly created an amazing environment for Alfred. His gender was kind of ambiguous to me. I guess he's a literal underdog here.

its so bad, its good, know what i mean? its trippy as all fuck. i like the stripper and the dog. its a hell of a video and i had to close my eyes and blink after this... but
entertaining for sure!