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update* errors fixed

Fight your way through hordes of zombies in order to find a way out. Upgrade your weapons to take them out, but watch out, when you run out of ammo you are going to need to run back to the saloon. Why don't you take a rest and have a go at the mini-game and earn a few more coins to spend in store. Good luck.

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Nice graphics, atmosphere, gameplay and a nice joke.

But, Revolver, Shootgun and Maschinegun (your first weapons are way better than the "special"weapons are nearly useless for faster enemys, also switching weapons is very unsmooth, but very importent to do fast at my opinion. Also the game could be a better explained: how works this gun, whats the reason why you have been to "slow" etc.

But beside that a well done game!

Good game, worthy of 5 stars, except that in the first moments of the shooting scene, if you fire a gun and swith, then fire again, the saloon will remain and follow you. then on the way back, you will be blinded of half the screen.

aside from the glitch, there is original art, gunplay, good music, and a fun fruit-ninja styles mini game worthy of time in its own right. worth the time it takes to play and use the good upgrade mechanic.