A Real Hero

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Ryan Gosling aka. The Driver is one cool cat. He's especially much cooler than you and I...


I really like the flash, I just feel more could have been done with it. I really dug the narrator and his calm as fuck voice. It made it seem that even though he was insulting me, everything was gonna be alright. I like that the animation was going for a very rough but also smooth look and the attention to detail with Mr. Baby Goose's (a gosling is a baby goose) stomach showing a little bit when he puts on the jacket is phenomenal.

However, there are places where I thought more could be added. Possibly some almost stalker-ish details about Mr. Baby Goose's smell or how his very gaze makes women's ovaries explode from pure ecstasy. This could also be contrasted by the "you" character having the exact opposite features; and need I mention the background (or lack thereof)?

Overall, if more were done with the flash, it would gain perfect ranks from me.


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This was quite entertaining. It was also funny how it seemed to assume the chubby guy (the viewer I am guessing) was no hero and anything he did to imitate Ryan Gosling only ended up making him look foolish or terrifying people.

Seeing as there was a lack of a background, it seems as though where the events occurring in this short are more or less left up the imagination of the viewer themselves. As for the person having their face stomped in, I could imagine that happening in an alleyway or someplace similar.

Funny how Ryan does it and gets him all the ladies, whereas the chubby guy doing the same only terrified and scared away the ladies. I guess it goes to say that sometimes it is a better idea to try not imitating what you see on the big screen.

The voice acting was quite smooth and sounds much like someone possibly doing a voice over for a film trailer. The music playing at the end was an extra dose of irony saying Ryan was a real hero whereas the chubby guy was just wanting to be a hero but only doing everything wrong.

Overall, aside from a lack of a background, I found this to be quite entertaining and very well done. Great job!

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ok, he's a good actor, but he's not THAT pretty or THAT charming.
tho, the driver movie was good. no, it was GREAT.

also, this movie was good and entertaining.
do more. good animation style, i liked it.

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JamiePaulSmith responds:

Thanks for the feedback dude! It's much appreciated.

I highly doubt that.


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JamiePaulSmith responds:

I beg to differ, Ryan Gosling is damn cool and his acting range is crazy big! At Ryan Gosling's Acting Range, you can learn how to play all sorts of fella's. From Gangster Squadders, to Boxers, to Drivers, to Driving Boxers, guys from Brooklyn, guys from New York, guys from Williamsburg, from Uptown, Downtown, anyone from New York and... Hipster Boys!

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3.38 / 5.00

May 6, 2013
4:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Original