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------------ WARNING ------------

Remember the old days, where games were super hard to complete, but when you did complete them you got a warm and happy feeling inside? Yep. That's what we have done here.

We spent our weekend dedicated to this game. We know it may not be the best but a lot of effort went into this game, and we mean a lot! The graphics artist did a phenomenal job given only 4 shades of a color to work with.

We though when it came to minimalism, the main priorities would be 'controls', 'objectives' and 'theme'. Hence why we chose 1 Control (drag catapult), 1 Objective (defend), and the 4 Color theme.

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Props for trying to make something retro.. but you didn't succeed very well. The hit-boxes were bad and the controls just wrong.

This is sure the worst shooter/defender I've ever played. Not only the music and graphics are very bad, but also the controlling/aiming system.
It's not an hard game, it's just a cheap submission with a very poor aiming system and playibility.
0 stars is all what you deserve. Enjoy it!

SpringMissile responds:

Haha, childish kid. Grow up.

It's like fighting off an Evangelion or Angel using a slingshot. The graphics is pretty phenomenal when you consider a limitation of 4 colors. If the game is also supposed to be minimalistic, it also meets that goal.

In terms of controls, I agree that a pause option, replay option, and a mute option would be welcome. They are kind of par for the course for even this sort of minimalistic game. Additionally, the use of the slingshot and the perspective/physics of it, while they made sense once I knew what to do, weren't exactly intuitive. You don't have to hold the player's hand, but at least give them rudimentary directions. For a while I thought I was supposed to be clicking on those tumbleweeds, or the cube, or something.

In terms of objectives, having levels wouldn't have hurt. You already have the engine in place, why not have several enemies that come in waves? The city could be 'rebuilt' each time or something. Having just a cube to defeat didn't seem ambitious. Especially with the odd difficulty curve. If you can't figure out the slingshot, the cube is hard, but it's actually not too difficult.

In terms of other execution points...the cube seems to be invincible while horizontally transitioning from a destroyed building to the next, and also while it is mid-pound. This seems like a bit of lazy programming or something, since logistically it shouldn't be invincible at those times. I'm also curious if the slingshot action couldn't be animated a bit better, since it's definitely got the most lazy graphics and animation with the string.

Good game, cool and unique (comparatively) gameplay idea, and slightly botched execution that still delivers a playable and quasi-challenging game.

SpringMissile responds:

Yeah, it was made in ~40 hours in total and so I was waiting on the artist for some things whilst he was waiting on me for some others. Turns out that we didn't have time by the end of the compo to ass Pause / Replay. There is a lot of lazy programming, but the cube is supposed to be invincible since it spins much faster when moving, we just didn't have time to show it was invincible, sorry! :)

not a big fan of the aiming system

"super hard to complete" It took me two tries and the only difficulty the game presents is the completely counterintuitive aiming physics

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2.99 / 5.00

May 6, 2013
1:30 PM EDT
Skill - Other