Rectangle Avoider

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You are a rectangle, you know triangle and circle are pretty dangerous, so you have to avoid them to survive. Good look rectangle!

- Move Mouse to Move
- Left Mouse to Jump
- Esc during gameplay to return to menu


Not much strategy here. As long as you dodge the initial large circle and immediately move back to the spot it fell, you can basically ignore the small circles and focus on the triangles. This game would be a lot more challenging if the circles dropped randomly instead of directly at your box position.

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The jump sound doesn't go with the music at all. I found the game a little hard, but that's just me.

It would be great if the pattern changed from time to time. Like this, you learn what you have to do to avoid the balls and triangles and your score only depends on how fast you are able to do it. A little surprise, something unexpected every like 300 points would make this game better.
But the game was fun, I liked it.

addicting, but the music and sounds are very annoying

I noticed a few things you could iron out: Sometimes the controls freeze, the bgm keeps looping after you die and the highscore-button seems to do nothing. Also the big balls seem to always drop down at the current position, making the game very easy following the same pattern for an unlimited amount of time. The only thing that makes it more difficult over time is the slow increase in speed. I reached 1401 before it got too boring to continue.

Other than that it's a nice game - just a bit too monotonous for my taste. With a little more variation in patterns and soundtrack, it could be a great game.

Your game would have fitted nicely into the Ludum Dare 26 theme "Minimalism". It's a shame you missed that one.

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2.88 / 5.00

May 6, 2013
12:36 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid