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Indian Wars

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I spended 5 minutes playing it. Never again.

Fun little pass-time game. Could use a story though or like weapons you can use. Maybe have like stuff that makes it harder.

What the hell are the physics or dynamics of this game? It makes no sense. I was bopped from above and below to oblivion. I was punched to oblivion. I was sent in every single way that this limited game allows to oblivion. I cannot replicate any of these methods on my opponent.

It is possible, I suppose, that I am simply unskilled at this line-pushing concept of fighting, but I suspect that a lot could be done to make the combat smoother and more easily handled. Please add more polish and more features (music, pause, an actual menu instead of three boxes, etc).

I can't tell if this has potential or not, but currently it's not that fun to play and it's difficult to really feel like anything productive is being done when I play it.

This game isn't that great. Name doesn't even describe what the game is about. Characters don't even look like Indians.

Very simple, yet dynamic gameplay. Visually, it's lacking. That's obvious to you but as a player, I need more behind the action to stay engaged. Although at times faulty, the overall game play is crisp and clean. My only suggestion is tighten the game play and add more in the backdrop to stay visually engaged.