Sonic Drowns?

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WOW! That was a fast front page! o_O Thanks NG <3
EDit: I'LL TRY adjust the sound. so LOWER THE VOLUME!

Sonic makes a pixel-perfect dive with Tails. B)
There's only so much you can do to survive.

Enjoy :D
Always wanted to make a fully pixelated flash short from scratch. Screw sprites.
Pixelart is created in Graphicsgale and Flash is .....made in flash duh.
Big thanks to my buddy Foretrekker. Check out his art : foretrekker.tumblr
I had this idea for a flash in head since 2008. I'm finally able to execute it. PS: Dudul is a bro <3

Aquatic Ruin Zone Classic - Sonic Generations Remix by NicoCW (http://youtu.be/QuwEEmAF 4uY)
Aquatic Ruin Zone (8-bit Remix) by MyNewSoundtrack (http://youtu.be/NJFMTPXO 0Mc

Because people keep asking my Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/us er/EnsignPixeler


Wow! A sprit movie that i really like! Nice work there and congrats for Daily and frontpage!

MichaFrario responds:

Why use official sprites if you can make them yourself right? Thanks a lot! I appreciate it :']


MichaFrario responds:

Totally gay right? Does that mean CPR is gay?

thats a nicely done animation, didnt expect the blnd of pixels and traditional animation.

MichaFrario responds:

Always trying to innovate! cheers mate!

I like the animation, art, and music, but I felt the premise wasn't executed as well as it could have been. I thought it would have been better if after the drowning timer music started, Sonic tried longer (unsuccessfully) to grab an air bubble, and then sucked the air out of Tails' lungs out of desperation, rather than a premeditated sneaky scheme thing. And then I think it would also have been funnier if it showed Sonic being relieved and walking off nonchalantly. as Tails' body floated upwards.

MichaFrario responds:

I planned on having sonic walk away, but that would have made things too obvious. I do find the first idea of yours a very good one!

tails can't die but now he will hate sonic for the rest of his life

MichaFrario responds:

he's still gay for him. I will never understand

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May 6, 2013
8:16 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody