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Baba Yaga

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So what do you do once you get captured by an evil witch? Look around, there are plenty of

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Very nice game!

Good replay value.

Technically Baba Yaga flies around in a giant mortar and pestle, but I'll cut you some slack because good luck making that look intimidating.


This is one of my most favorite escape room games of all time, as it has replay value. There are many things to explore, and I love how interactive the game is (you can move all the bottles, open all the cupboards and even fluff the pillows). The game isn't perfectly true to the folklore though, as Baba Yaga is described to live in house standing on chicken legs. She doesn't fly on a broom either, but sits in a large mortar and uses a broom to push herself. This doesn't affect the game in any way though, so I will not change my rating.

Pretty good, some of it wasn't very cohesive.