Caribbean Admiral

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Rebuild a powerful fleet and destroy a strange ghost ship, which appeared from thin air out of the fog! Enjoy 12 different ships each with lots of upgrades. Loot pirates and slay their bosses. Visit 10 towns on your caribbean journey!

- Spell checking
- Faster salvage
- Stronger Boss


Don't get me wrong here, I found this to be a fantastic and extremely enjoyable game. Yet, one of my major qualms regarding this game was definitely the extremely underwhelming boss fight, which I was able to complete in a mere round. Great game, I would just recommend fixing the obviously broken combat system.

very fun. Like others have said it needs a sharper difficulty curve. My thee pinas with crew upgrade just boarded and took over the final boss in one shot. I'm also not clear on ship selection. The ones on the left seem to have more cargo capacity, but like others have said you can make plenty of cash just using the combat ones (I made plenty of dosh trading with the others). I'd be cool if you tweaked the economics to where you really need to use both types of ships in order to succeed. Maybe make dynamite cost 20,000. Or make some commodities spoil .. that way you'd have to get rid of stuff at a loss once in a while rather than just shopping around.

This is a great game, don't get me wrong!

A few more ideas: Crew training could take up some of that extra money .. this could affect combat etc. Also you could have random events, like weather that might spoil your haul (Rough seas broke open your cargo hold .. 20% of gun powder has spoiled). This could damage ships or throw you off course. Seamanship could moderate this with training.

Nice job and hope you keep building or make another version soon..

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really cool game deserves to have 5 stars! here comes a little tip, you might want to use the aim sail attack every battle because they cannot attack if their sails are broken or torn.

MISSING THE OBVIOUS : I've loved this game, I'm on day 4 of playing it....and I've been very confused about how "easy" it is according to the reviews......then I understood. .....I've been playing with the "Karraka" and the "Caravella" as the best two ships you can get........ After many wasted hours and thousands of wasted dollars, I only had one port left to free, and it was impossible.....I was about to rage quit when I accidently realized that you can scroll up and get better ships....there needs to be a scroll bar or something that lets you know that more options are out there........other than that I love it....time to go finish it...which will take forever since I've wasted so much on dynamite

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a better mercantile/ naval combat game than any i have seen so far in terms of the concept/ the system of gameplay... however, there are a number of imbalances which i think need addressing. many people have commented that the combat is too easy. IMO, the opposite is true. You simply need to make the trade system less dynamic and more forgiving, and people would focus less on acting as a pirate.
Additionally: the combat difficulty does scale too slowly as well, so you should take this into account to accomodate more skilled platers, but really just do this and you will get mob appeal:
Tweak two things in combat: the boarding system, and the aiming system. Boarding tells me that it has a 100% chance of working every single time, yet fails more than 60-70%, and aiming at the crew not only costs more AP, but generally hits neither the crew nor the ship itself. I have found that taking regular quick shots effects the AP of the enemy more than aiming the majority of the time.
If you were to do nothing else to this game, these two combat changes would at least make it more acceptable for the masses of retards who crave instant gratification.
This is a great game, and i love it, but it simply isn't done yet. I think that you should take the time to carefully read through these comments, so as to make your game as perfect as possible.

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May 5, 2013
4:51 AM EDT
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