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Daemons Dawn ep. 1

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Author Comments

its about god damn time. i would have gotten this movie done faster if my brother did the audio. but he didnt so i had to and it sucked........enjoy!


Not bad.

I liked the plot it was pretty good, the animation was okay too. I don't see why so many people say this is gay, this sucks etc. I liked it. Your pretty good at making movies. Keep it up

JoltMasta responds:

you should check out my comedy work. its not plot enriched but its decent. my firends like it atleast

Ok, no.

Needs sound. Needs non-squiggly line animation, better shading, actual structure to the character. Backgrounds were barely present, dialogue submitted poorly. And, at this point, the plot sucks, but that has little to do with your technique. Improve, improve, improve.

JoltMasta responds:

your absolutly right this is a poor piece. but the plot is good, you just dont have all of it. yet i will admit i didnt present the plot of episode 1 well at all. everything said is corny and easily targetable to insults "oh no the wind stopped! now i gotta go to some random place and fight!!" ugh.. im not an action animator as you see.

hey Ryo, I dont see anyone watching ur flash

seriously how can YOU give advice like that, hey Derrek remember me? eh w/e listen ur ganna seriusly need to change the style of the art, the hair is ok i dunno whats ryo b!tching about. Either get paintshop,photoshop w/e I like the plot it just needs to be more intense. I just think its a story book. Flash is not just about art or graphics...its a meaning and something that we try to put from our minds eye. woah, wat was i smoking o.0

JoltMasta responds:

i can improve. i might remake but i have so many other ideas that im not even motivated to work on. i use to be OBSESSED about finishing this 13 episode mini series but that was then and memories of the whole story is vague now. but in my head it was good stuff. i entertained myself just thinking about it. if you send me an Email at Joltmasta@yahoo.com i can show you what episode 2 would look like if i continued it. later and thx for the review (watch the mildly random funnies series, second episode isnt half bad)


I was very nice last time. I'll be blunt and ruthless this time. That was... not good at all. You should add some sound. And the plot is rather vague; think much farther ahead before animation. That way, you know where the story is going. And add, maybe, just a touch of more backround. The animation is crooked(not including hair) That pisses me off. Try harder on the next episode.

JoltMasta responds:

nah its ok. this is very old work. and to be truthful it was suppose to reveal plot and characters past as episodes went on and on. i might start this up again since i know how to add recorded audio now and do layering

dumbest peice of crap ever

It was so stupid it didn't even need load time. It just started. I have never seen such bad animation or such a boring show on newgrounds.

JoltMasta responds:

my bad

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Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2002
8:12 PM EDT
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