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Stone King 2

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Author Comments

Take part in an epic adventure to avenge your village! The son of Verus, Ralo, has sent evil bandits to your town and you must fight them off, and avenge your destroyed village!

Spend time training in various caves to gather more gold and stonite to become stronger and eventually kill Ralo. One year of developing this RPG Game has finally come to an end! Please enjoy it as much as I did making it! - Ryan Isler

Use W/A/SPACE to move.

Update 0.9965:
- Fixed Maro Village music not playing.
- Fixed bandit village segment.
- Added more features to the "player" interface.

Update 1.00:
- FIxed the game freeze while shopping.
- Leveled out HP and enemies later in the game.
- Balanced Melee, Magic, Ranged more.
- Fixed glitch where the 3rd Stonite Segment didn't appear.
- Tweaked other minor bugs and inconsistencies.

Update 1.02:
- Fixed white screen after starting the game.

To Update 1.03 (Coming 2019):
- Remove broken sword item from bandits.
- Fix NPCs being unable to die.
- Other minor bug fixes (4).

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The controls need work. You should include better graphics and more content.

Too many bugs to even try to play this uhm er game, try again.

I have to agree with n4pgamer, the controls really are horrible. Take for example the wall jumping mechanism you have to hold the direction button towards the wall you want to stick to, press down to stick to it and then jump and repeat. I think at first 'this is fine I can just hold the down key when I am climbing.' no, you have to release the down key, and if you miss the capture you end up falling a reasonable distance before you can re-grab. But wait, the down key does something else, it also causes you to roll forward. So when you finally make it to the top if you miscalculate and think you have one more jump left you can end up rolling off the other side. And jump is the spacebar (even though you use a s and d to move. So you instinctively press w to jump. What does this do? Oh it just switches your weapon (and of course fails to jump).

But that is just the beginning, attacking is awkward, Making it such that you click in the corner of the screen to attack rather than clicking the enemy or simply pressing a key. Using the bow or magic is even more awkward requiring you to not only click up in the corner, but to click and drag to provide direction and power to your arrow or to select a number of magic crystals to use, confirm the attack, and then drag a target to the enemy. Sounds like the kind of stuff you would have to go through in a turn based game a bit? Sorry not turn based you can get attacked the whole time you do this.

Ok, so lets just ignore that stuff for a sec. So we killed some stuff got some money and bought new gear, now we want to sell things off. When you buy stuff there is a value below and you give a confirmatory click. So you put an item in the sell tray (not labeled, but we can guess right?) and it pops up down there with a price below it. I think, well it must need me to confirm the sale. So i click the item, and it goes back into my inventory. I wonder if the game has a bug so I repeat the process watching my gold, and placing the item in the tray is enough to sell it. If you made a mistake clicking on it sells it back to you (at a loss to you of course).

Enemies. Enemies respawn, but they respawn more powerful and aggressive than they started. Or do they? One actual bug i noticed is that sometimes enemies respawn completely invulnerable but also not agressive at all. These bugged enemies can cause other parts of the game to glitch, for instance moveable objects can glitch and hover over the immortal defeated foe.

Hey look we have other menus pop up with stuff I can click and nothing is explained. What does it do? I don't know. Nothing bad I hope. On those lines pressing numbers makes fireballs line up on the left side of the screen. I have no idea what this does either. It just kind of is.

So, we beat the first town we are placed on the map. How do you travel on the map? Click you say? No, that would be too simple. You hover your mouse over where you want to go and hold space. That makes way more sense?

Overall, even though I like the idea of the game the control system is just too complicated and awkward for the game to be fun for me. One thing I say to people making games is that controls are one place you don't want to be creative. Keep it simple and unless there is a good reason to change things (I don't see one here) stick with a standard control scheme. The payoff will be that your game is more playable so more people will enjoy it. Be careful how often and where things respawn, it can be annoying when you clear an area find a dead end and tun around just to see all of the creatures are back and more annoying. This also can be a good thing if you are trying to save money. I give this 3/5 and I think that is generous because the control set up is pretty bad.

ryanIs responds:

Thank you for your helpful response!

The controls are really bad. e.g. the mouse doesn't belong into a platformer.

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

May 4, 2013
12:58 AM EDT