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Nice headphones

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my second flash animation.please give me things i need to improve on....well hope you guys like it:)

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If I'm buying $350 dollar headphones, it better have been personally created by Bill Gates.

The animation was pretty good, the background was well done. The humor was so~so, great flash overall.

Aloelion responds:

thanks my good sir.Im going to definitely make my next one more humorous and thanks for the feedback.

Hey man, not bad overall... I really like the quality of animation and the drawings were well done. The voice overs were well done aswell. But the concept was lacking, I'm sure if you had a funnier idea you would have some awesome work. Normally I would just recommend for you to look around and watch other peoples work and what makes it funny, then come up with an idea and brainstorm around it.

But it looks like you have all that stuff down and it looks like you know how to convey the full format of a joke to your audience, but I dont think is obsurd of shocking enough. A lot of funny flash animations have some really obscene concepts for their main plot. Like one I seen that was pretty funny was a black that worked in the supermarket, and when he got bored of his regular mop duties, he would slip off into the back and fuck a tub of icecream and make sounds like a woman was giving him head. Yeah lol I'll never forget that one, "Eddie ooooh EDDIE!(eddie impersonating a woman) Yeha bitch you like it when I fuck your mouth!" and then eddies regular voice.

So all I'm trying to say is just come up with some stuff that in a normal pretence is fucking gross or discusting and put it in a flash and make it funny in a way that the audience can relate to. But anyway overall not bad man and good luck to you in the future, if you have any animation questions check out my video tutorials on youtube @ www.youtube.com/mrcglot

Aloelion responds:

I see what you're saying .Im trying to come up with great ideas and they will definitely show in the next one I make.

Really impresive for a second flash animation!
Nice animation seriously, keep it up.

Aloelion responds:

thanks man...I put my time into this stuff....thanks for the feedback man.

It is pretty good for someones second animation and I imagine that youre making fun of the Beats headphones or something similar and its the same way i feel about it those headphones arent anything special at all .

Keep on animating buddy you will only get better

Aloelion responds:

yup ;)....you kinda get what im saying here....having a high price for an item, doesnt always make it better.And thanks for the feedback.....