M&L: Ultimate Attack

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It's been a while since I've uploaded to Newgrounds!

I tried a lot of new things with this animation. If you liked it, why not check out some other videos I made, or subscribe to my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/Te rminalMontage

There are links on my profile/channel to my tumblr/twitter/facebook, whatever too if you want to check out on things I'm working on!

(Also, Mario's red is a bit brighter in this version of the video, in the Chrome browser. Almost orangeish, the NG player and Chrome seems to disagree with the red I originally chose! Watch in Firefox if you can)


I really liked this actually, at very first glance the crude animation might feel uninviting, but its made up for excelent animation and just a great time in watching this. I always wanted Luigi to take the spotlight, looks like I got my wish!

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Someone had to conjure up a Mario parody that blended surreal cosmic horror with an over-the-top DBZ attack sequence. And Terminal Montage went and done just that in "M&L [Mario & Luigi]: Ultimate Attack."

At first, the brother plumbers spot a dissident goomba and decide to execute a brilliant attack sequence that defies logic, but then it hurdles (or spirals) out of control and makes the whole damn Mushroom Kingdom call out for a hero from the stars.

The author blames the NG player for getting the colors on Mario just a bit off. It's a bit on the crude side, but there are some interesting graphical touches. For better realism, however, smoke-based particle effects when planets blow up would be more fitting. There are also plenty of voice-over talents who can pull off Mario and Luigi, so those ripped samples wouldn't be necessary and dialog could assist in the cartoon. Though it is played for laughs, establishing Luigi's dark side ahead of time via foreshadowing would have aided in delivering the message. For those not in the know, it seems like a random occurrence, that ending....

Though, to be honest, the sound direction and visuals are, overall, solid and fun. The art design is a juxtaposition writ large, what with CGI and animation ghetto quality flash, but it somehow works well in staving off the seriously horrific overtones and playing everything for laughs. There is also evidence of a planned sequel, so that's on the record as well.

In any case, this is a chance to reconcile somber fans of surreal cosmic horror to the friendly goofball world of Mario. Pretty fun ride while it lasts.

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The fuck did i just watch XD

I'd hate to see what Luigi would do if they were fighting Bowser.

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Very well executed. The animation was well done, and the idea was very humorous. Just a little criticism though: Mario, Luigi, Goombas, Toads, and the Mushroom Kingdom don't reside on Earth. They reside on the Mushroom World. Completely different planet, different moon, different solar system. I think it would've been more accurate and it would sell that sense of immersion into mangling the world of Mario if it actually WAS the world of Mario. Also, neither our Moon or Mario's Moon rotates like that. But overall, well done.

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you!

Yeah I tried to make my own 'Mushroom World' as you can see, the continents weren't like Earth's. I could only get so many references from the actual Mushroom World, which looked kind of bland in Mario Galaxy so I changed it a little. Then I could blame laziness for just making the rest of the solar system like ours.

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May 2, 2013
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