gentleman dreamer

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High Scores

gem collected
1. djphil 12,530
2. Kerd 11,537
3. larrymcduck 11,353
4. Cometdragon7 8,174
5. TheMightyGoldFish 8,157
6. Antivaluvian 4,538
7. Xenotide 4,150
8. Entreri1321 4,037
9. pyrofallen 3,631
10. deathjesus 3,508
11. Aldoria 3,298
12. Boxman-Bonjours0 3,183
13. Happyhappy 3,133
14. garygaz 3,090
15. doctorwho1337 3,037
16. Dragoonblade 3,026
17. beastwar0 2,928
18. billybob6917 2,893
19. Illusion-XIII 2,840
20. Ciesha 2,821

Author Comments

Fulfill PSY dream to have his own sea cruiser


Its pretty addicting but its slow pace at beginning but overall i loves psy

Never forget,its cuz about gentleman popularity

A really matter of time avout this greatness PSY

When, oh when are you going to stop milking this dead cow.

It looks and sounds terrible, and leaves the impression that it was hastily put together to reap sponsorship money with that advert API.

The controls are imprecise and should have been keyboard based.

The music - a terrible pastiche of Gangnam Style got irritating fast.

The graphics were lazy and in some cases, reused from earlier movies. I say that because I do remember playing this game earlier in the year, but it's since been removed. The character sprite appears in no less than 3 other games (2 if you ignore the blatant double submission of "Psy Gentleman in Red Carpet" and "Oppa Gangnam Red Carpet"), so maybe it's time to draw some new sprites.

Great mechanics! Tiny suggestion: instead of focusing on psy, create original characters!

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Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

May 2, 2013
11:06 AM EDT
Action - Other