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Here ya go! Generoci-Day (Rough)! Featuring CATS!
It's not much to look at but, it's all I could muster in the short span of time without my computer. Luckily, my Cintiq and Desktop have arrived and I'll be thrice as better next round...provided I make it.
Initially,there was far more content I wanted to add into this animation, but cut most of it due to silly, unforeseen events (Check my Journal). Our main hero was meant storm off across a full blown town of other cats, constantly giving him various items. They all follow him till the very end, wondering why this cat is not accepting any of their gifts. Maybe I'll add it later!
Have yourselves a great day!

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Sure leaves a lot of blanks for my imagination til fill..
Shame that the one dog there had to be a bully figure.
(Hence why the MC has the glasses, and the black eye.)