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Beat Chaser 2

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Author Comments


Frontpaged! Thank everyone so much!! You guys are awesome!!! I'm so happy!!!!


I'm sorry but some mp3 files may not work. :< Flash Player only supports two sampling rates: 22,050 samples per second, and 44,100 samples per second. So songs that have different samples won't be supported. I can't do anything on it because It is a limit of Flash. T_T



- May 11 2013:
+ Fix the error that happens after playing pattern 11 in Pattern Training and Flower Viewing modes.

- May 06 2013:
+ Fixed the score bug (score doesn't reset after retry).
+ Fixed some minor problems on interface.

- May 04 2013:
+ Bigger display hitbox for player. (The actual hitbox is still the same)

- May 02 2013:
+ Allow player toggle battle background effect by pressing T key.
+ A small change on victory background image.



Beat Chaser 2 is a combination of bullet hell and rhythm game. You can choose your own mp3 file or use prepared song, the music will affect on the motion of bullets.

Hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much! xD



- Use MOUSE to play.
- Press ESC to go back on menu or during battle.
- Press T in battle to toggle background effect.


- Gameplay, Interface Design and Programming:
+ Nonako

- Artist (Art Design and Drawing):
+ daikazoku63

- Music:
+ Matt McFarland
+ Kevin MacLeod


This is like Touhou ;3

hows it going bros? my name is suuuuuuuuperpie
why dont you subcribe for pewdie to become a bro?

This game was just plain fun. 12 different Options for an infinite plethora of musics for background. Sure, the graphics lack, but otherwise this game is addicting, and fun to play. Any fan of music genre games or bullet hell games will love this. You have done a fine job at this game, my good sir.

I really like the idea and execution of this game, it has a lot of modes to choose so there is some variation to the game.
I also like how you can choose your own mp3 to play an how the game reacts to them.
I found some custom mp3's to easy but some are really hard/impossible on some difficulties, this is just another thing that makes it fun trying to find game breaking mp3's. (ones that are to hard to play)
I would like to challenge you to playing boss crushing mode with random patterns, the song choice being Sonic the hedgehog "open your heart" mp3 on heaven chaser difficulty.
It is practically impossible i only got about 1100 score.

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I need help.

Not with the game, the game is amazing. I need help to STOP playing this game. This marvelous piece of Bullet Hell goodness has infected my life with hours of fun and frustration. The worst part is that I'm only doing it to myself. The fact that you can use your own MP3s in the game allows people who think that the pre-packaged music is lame or too easy to upload their own musical pieces. It's a simple concept executed marvelously in this game that is more parts gadget than game.

What few complaints that I have about it (overly-simple animations, lack of control options) are overshadowed completely by the sheer excellence of execution. The different game modes allow people who aren't good at bullet hell games to watch their music in action, watching the patterns it produces in Flower Viewing mode. Those who think that they're something to write home about can try their skill in the challenge mode and put their scores on the board.

I have little more to say because there isn't much else to it. And that's the remarkable thing, it's minimalistic in actual parts when you think about it, but it breaks new ground (no pun intended) with its versatility and re-play value. Highest marks for this game.

And don't worry about sending me help for this addiction. Just send more games like this. You have a gift for Rhythm Games : D

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Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

May 1, 2013
12:14 PM EDT