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Beat Chaser 2

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Frontpaged! Thank everyone so much!! You guys are awesome!!! I'm so happy!!!!


I'm sorry but some mp3 files may not work. :< Flash Player only supports two sampling rates: 22,050 samples per second, and 44,100 samples per second. So songs that have different samples won't be supported. I can't do anything on it because It is a limit of Flash. T_T



- May 11 2013:
+ Fix the error that happens after playing pattern 11 in Pattern Training and Flower Viewing modes.

- May 06 2013:
+ Fixed the score bug (score doesn't reset after retry).
+ Fixed some minor problems on interface.

- May 04 2013:
+ Bigger display hitbox for player. (The actual hitbox is still the same)

- May 02 2013:
+ Allow player toggle battle background effect by pressing T key.
+ A small change on victory background image.



Beat Chaser 2 is a combination of bullet hell and rhythm game. You can choose your own mp3 file or use prepared song, the music will affect on the motion of bullets.

Hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much! xD



- Use MOUSE to play.
- Press ESC to go back on menu or during battle.
- Press T in battle to toggle background effect.


- Gameplay, Interface Design and Programming:
+ Nonako

- Artist (Art Design and Drawing):
+ daikazoku63

- Music:
+ Matt McFarland
+ Kevin MacLeod


i started playing this before i got an NG account

i was more or less on a project diva high and i was cruisin along and looked through the better liked rhythm (was it rhythm or skill i don't remember) games this year

what there is to say about this game is that there's... not much to say!

it's impressive at doing what it does, i'll give it that. mainly what i had problems with are with the design choices. the interface is nice! it is! but the font choice and such is a bit strange considering it doesn't really match the rest of the game. also a bit hard to read i'd say.

like some of the other players, i did not know what the hitbox was. i thought it was the entirety of the character! and obviously i could not avoid ALL the bullets that way. later on i realized it was the little dot, but it had little contrast to the character so it was hard to spot.

another thing is the trails of the bullets are just CONFUSING as heck
not the best way to play if you're using a fast-paced song man

i did say earlier on my tumblr that i did not think bullet hell/rhythm is a good mix, but i was wrong! i was pleasantly surprised by the (although rather small) soundtrack and the gameplay! obviously, the best part about this game is that you can use your own music, but otherwise the game is a bit lacking in some parts.

for example, no powerups that i know of, no alternate playable characters, nothing like that as far as i can tell.

but it does what it is supposed to and does it fairly well.

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The soundtrack is decent and the bullet patterns is somewhat ok as I felt that some of the time, I was not able to avoid anything, even when I have memorized the pattern to an extent. Also, it would be in this game's interest to make the bullets stand out more as I sometimes lost track of some of the bullets while trying to avoid them.

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funny but a little confusing, I don't know what is hitting me, or where it hits, please tell me where the hitbox is because I have no idea. (Is it the head or that red dot on the guitar?)

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that sucked... quite annoying, srx

i have no idea what i'm doing

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Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

May 1, 2013
12:14 PM EDT