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Heavy Drain

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Click anywhere in the film space and make sure to use your keyboard to Jason

Update- 8th on P-Bot's Daily Picks 01/05/13 and Front Page in Popular for the same week. Thanks everyone!

I finally finished my University Final Project, and here it is.
It's my first finished animation and hopefully through watching it you can see how much I progressed from start to finish. It's not the longest piece in the world, but I wanted it to be fully shaded with as much fbf as I felt I could do in around 5-6 weeks alongside my other work.

Why did I make this?
This animation is a project that directly relates to my dissertation about intertextuality in Video Game Parody. Without boring you, it's about how video game parody is only relatable and fully understandable by someone that has actually played the game.

I chose Heavy Rain as it seems to have almost no Flash-related content online. Little did I know that I would have to choose about 5 out of the 30000 problems and plotholes that are in that game.

This is my first submission, and as my university course has come to a close, hopefully with practice I will get better and you can expect some art and more cartoons over the summer. GOTTAGITGUDATFLASH

Why does the ending make no sense to me?
If you have never played Heavy Rain before I can see why you may not understand the ending of the animation... and good, you've proved my dissertation correct. To put it simply, there are two shower scenes in Heavy Rain; one in Act 1 with Ethan Mars, the dead-behind-the-eyes creepy-smiling divorce dad and another in Act 2 with Madison, a journalist that's character has received a lot of online attention for being quite hot. The main character chooses the wrong shower scene... hence the ending

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Despite the video being quite short, it is very well made, well done!, the animating is good, and never fails to make me laugh.

lol nice luckily I didn't watch this when I was playing the game

Gotta say, the sound of the controller being smacked to pieces was perfect. Hopefully everyone got a good chuckle out of that despite Heavy Rain not being one of the most "heavily" played video games out there. The concept of your dissertation is a very interesting topic too and I wish you the best of luck with your results.

The visual style was very nice (shading certainly helps) and I hope to see more of what you can do in the future! As for the jokes, I've played Heavy Rain, so it all made sense to me. Eathan's shower scene is -obviously- more engaging anyways.

Congrats on the Daily Pick!

I actually loved this game, but this parody was pretty spot in, loved it lol! Madison's shower scene would have been better, but she reminded me of my sister so it made it really awkward. Well done on all points though.